SFDC Service Cloud Customization

Published on
June 28, 2024
Salesforce service cloud

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Zooba Eats is an Egyptian street food brand that has serves its own take on the country’s street staples since 2012. Though the company is based in Cairo, it recently opened a location in New York City. The brand is a celebration of the Egyptian street food culture and showcases Egypt’s utterly unique dishes. (They quickly expanded into 6 locations from 1 since2012.)

Project Scope

Zooba Eats looked to implement Service Cloud (of the Salesforce suite) to accommodate an ever-growing customer base while tracking and engaging with prospects to expand. The brand revolved around the customer and their experience and hence required the following:

o Capturing customer information via all interface points- phone, email and web form.

o Company information for lunches ordered by organizations.

o Each order needs to be captured with dates and complete details.

o Reporting and setting up notifications to monitor service and satisfaction levels.

o Ensure data is contained within a secure system.


The brand was relatively new to the United States and had not maintained any systematic method of recording customer and order information. Understanding food, orders, workflows, and pricing began at the ground level across both countries. Zooba Eats is aggressive on branding and showcasing the qualities of Egyptian foods. The brand targeted significant expansion through the United States, raising capital for this goal.

AppShark’s Solution

Team AppShark deployed Service Cloud with specific customizations that were required to accommodate the unique business environment. Further, the following changes were made-

o Addition of fields to record case information on customers with customized layouts and auto-response acknowledgment emails.

o A single consolidated tab to capture company information with options of editing accounts and linking them to cases and contacts.

o Customized list views and page layouts were also deployed.

o Capturing individual information and linking it to accounts wherever applicable.

o An entire system of dashboards, reports, and analytics were established.

o Segmenting users, profiles, role hierarchies for the right amount of access to data.


With a comprehensive customer-focused CRM in place, Zooba eats could make informed business decisions on markets to be targeted and pricing while monitoring the quality of service. With Service Cloud, the company could assess feedback across all channels of sale- individual, corporate, and catering orders received. The system of recording data by adequately trained staff was restrained as per the hierarchy, thereby ensuring a fair and transparent structure of reporting customer feedback. Marketing and outreach efforts could be directed to the right audience segment with the help of the detailed analytics feature in the application.