Streamlining Food Order Management with Salesforce CRM

Published on
July 11, 2024
Salesforce service cloud

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Founded in 2009, a New York-based fast-casual taqueria chain quickly gained popularity for its authentic tacos. The business expanded to 20 outlets across NYC and Chicago and incorporated e-commerce to reach a broader clientele. With this growth, the brand faced crucial challenges in order fulfillment and the systematic collection of customer data across various channels.


To address these challenges, Team AppShark implemented a unique AppShark Catering Bolt Solution customizable on Salesforce CRM cloud platform. This solution enabled the brand to efficiently manage takeaway, delivery, and catering services. The Catering Bolt served as the HQ platform, capturing leads via web forms from various channels. Order conversion was initiated using the Salesforce Lightning component, allowing users to add, edit, and update records seamlessly.

Orders were then routed to the Community Cloud, mapping them to the nearest store based on the order location for faster fulfillment. Each store was assigned individual logins to access and act on these orders. Additional critical features included online payments and a detailed delivery schedule calendar.


This renowned fast-food chain significantly streamlined its operations by implementing an end-to-end CRM solution with AppShark. This solution effectively reduced the time and resources previously spent on coordinating internal teams for order fulfillment. It also centralized the capture and consolidation of all customer-related information for further action.

Through this CRM solution, the chain enhanced its service quality standards by achieving faster order fulfillment and ensuring prompt communication wherever necessary. The brand became adept at handling more customized orders while promptly responding to every inquiry received.