Sales Cloud Integration with Shopify POS

Published on
June 28, 2024
Salesforce service cloud

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Darvier’s overview:

Founded in 2006, Darvier is a sustainable design studio with a laid-back and non-commission staff of goldsmiths. The skilled team at Darvier believes personalization impacts customer satisfaction, which is why they recycle old and broken jewelry into fine-quality pieces. Their innovative techniques transform clients’ ideas into reality at affordable rates. Known for its ingenious tailored designs, the organization has expanded its community across the world. They employ rapid prototype equipment, 3D printing, laser engraving, the latest design software, and modern casting techniques. In addition, their best craftsmen make sure that their industry stands out from the competitors using a blend of historical methods and modern technology.

Scope of the work

Google Sheets as a one-stop destination

Being a customer-driven company, Darvier undertakes the following:

o Understanding clients’ requirements and creating Google Spread Sheets that incorporate customer databases.

o The prepared sheets comprise the details such as:

  • Order
  • Job Type
  • Date in, Date due
  • Metal
  • Status
  • Note
  • Designer, etc.
  • Subsequent to the sheet preparation, tasks are assigned to the respective manufacturers where they could gear up for designing and building the product.
  • Updating the work progress to the production team during the post-completion period and generating the reports.
  • Providing data accessibility to clients by sharing the updated sheet. This helps them to get insights about tracking the product’s status.

Context and Challenge

Acceleration in the range of deliveries and the company’s growth has caused a setback in their management.

Personnel wearing multiple hats:

The rise in the orders has stirred up chaos in managing a colossal amount of data. Darvier’s staff started taking charge of multiple roles which led to uncertainty in comprehending the work. Therefore, the company aims to achieve a smart solution to overcome its management hustle.

Working around the clock:

The process of curating content and generating reports manually consumes a lot of effort than required. So by understanding that this kills the time and employees’ endeavors in the long run, Darvier started looking up some computerized applications.

Affect on workflow:

The complications and perplexity in work made staff go the extra mile producing minimal results. This added fatigue to the workflow and gave rise to improper work management.

AppShark as a solution provider:

Addressing the clients’ pain points, AppShark has put forth a plausible solution that pays off Darvier’s efforts and yields fruitful results.

Ideal service:

Maintaining spreadsheets for everything leads to a persistent process of creation, addition, and alteration of data. To get rid of this never-ending phenomenon, AppShark has proposed the implementation of the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Salesforce Sales Cloud:

AppShark began with a quick start implementation followed by critical customization. Its idea of integrating Salesforce into Shopify online helped Darvier to build an automated workflow and diminished their laborious tasks.

Real-time synchronization:

The complications and perplexity in work made staff go the extra mile producing minimal results. This added fatigue to the workflow and gave rise to improper work management.

This integration aims for a unified Salesforce platform to manage both Darvier’s e-commerce and CRM data.

Optimization method:

To make their projects executed in an organized and efficient manner, AppShark has integrated a project management tool. This serves as an optimization technique to streamline their jewelry manufacturing process.

Also, this approach focuses on prioritizing orders by assigning different stages of the manufacturing process to their design, production, and quality teams. It enables them to set milestones, track progress, and ensure timely delivery.


In the pursuit to help Darvier overcome tiring and time-consuming processes, AppShark enabled them to accomplish the following outcomes:

Automated business processes to reduce redundancy and save time to prioritize the main tasks.

Achieved setting up seamless integration with the implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Gained wholesome insights into the team’s deals, stages, products, competition, pricing quotes, etc.,

Enhanced workflows and business health with detailed reports and dashboards.

Built and nurtured relationships with clients and acquired a comprehensive understanding of every customer at each stage including their:

o Activity history

o Key contacts

o Key contacts

o Customer communications

o Insights from social media sites

o Overview of robust business intelligence