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Published on
June 28, 2024
Salesforce service cloud

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A US-based global media expert is on a mission to reinforce customer engagement with its brand through Innovative Intelligence, Content Communications, and Digital Services. To deliver groundbreaking results, the client has employed a manual approach to perform multiple steps in Opportunity Management. However, this human-driven process became tedious due to the sheer volume of datasets involved. Furthermore, as the company offers multiple managed packages and integrates products for online sales, a streamlined system was necessary to handle customer requests and provide timely updates. Additionally, the client aimed to streamline and automate the steps involved in closing deals, thereby optimizing the overall process.


AppShark has expertly tailored a solution to precisely align with the unique requirements of the client, utilizing Sales Cloud and CPQ to streamline every stage of their business operations. With a focus on customization, they have configured Sales Cloud to optimize lead management by incorporating features such as Web-to-Lead, Lead Assignment, and Escalation, ensuring seamless handling and tracking of leads throughout the sales process. The implementation also includes automated processes for opportunity management, triggered when opportunities are marked as Closed Won or Closed Lost, enhancing workflow efficiency. By leveraging Salesforce CPQ, the team has enabled the management of product bundles, attributes, quote generation, and approvals, streamlining the entire quote management process. Integration between Salesforce and Outlook enables the synchronization of user calendars, facilitating better visibility and coordination. Additionally, the integration with Box empowers efficient document management within Salesforce, while integration with QuickBooks ensures the seamless synchronization of customer data, quotes, and invoices. Incorporating these strategic enhancements, AppShark has empowered the client to leverage operations, improve efficiency, and gain greater visibility and control across the entire business workflow.


Designing this tailored solution has significantly enhanced the client’s time management capabilities and helped it to efficiently handle the opportunities, quotes, products, and projects. The end-to-end CRM solution implemented by AppShark has revolutionized several key aspects of the company's operations. Lead management, opportunity management, quote generation, and product management have all been optimized within this streamlined system. Moreover, the integration of Box and Quickbooks has facilitated seamless data transfer between systems, allowing for centralized access to data. Through these enhancements, the organization can simplify workflows, improve efficiency, and access critical information from a centralized location.