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Boosting Business Growth via Marketing Cloud Connect

Published on
May 28, 2024

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Client Overview:

Ohio and Kentucky's leading remodeling company is dedicated to offering its clients a smooth and reliable home remodeling project from start to finish. Having extensive years of experience, the company is committed to delivering unsurpassed quality products. Thereby, it requires a system with better data flow and a marketing process that reflects its mission.


Team AppShark had successfully established a connection between the client's Classic org and the Lightning Sandbox org, effectively integrating it with Marketing Cloud through Marketing Cloud Connect. The connection details encompassed the testing of subscriber key validation and custom data entry sources. Once the functionality of the connection was confirmed, close collaboration ensued with the organization's team to explore their preferred data testing methods and gain a deeper understanding of the Marketing campaigns they intended to utilize.

The testing phase of the project encompassed Journey Builder and Email Studio. Alongside the team, the focus was on testing the accuracy of entries into Journeys, ensuring that decision splits were executed correctly and entry criteria were met for the specified source. In the case of Email Studio, the testing efforts centered around the validation of email personalization, specifically the retrieval of the appropriate attributes required for populating the email sends.


AppShark's customized solution has played a pivotal role in assisting the client in managing their services effectively, ensuring a seamless alignment between their Marketing and Sales goals. The establishment of Marketing Cloud Connect between the systems has empowered the Marketing team to automate email and SMS sends, utilize Salesforce custom objects for populating Journey entries, and has allowed the Sales team to concentrate their efforts on lead generation.