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A Comprehensive Landscaping Solution

Published on
May 28, 2024

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A Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas-based company offers lawn care and landscape design services to clients of all sizes. Despite having Salesforce, the company is unable to harness its full potential. As a result, there is a pressing need for a centralized management system that can effectively handle Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, and Field Service Lightning. By implementing such a system, the company can unlock the power of Salesforce and optimize its overall operations and customer service.


Team AppShark has designed a solution that caters to a landscaping contractor collaborating with multiple projects. To help the client streamline the operations, it has implemented Salesforce with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Field Service Lightning. Features such as Lead Management and Account Management have been established to enable the company to target new builders efficiently and maintain strong relationships over time. Also, integration with QuickBooks aids the organization by simplifying the billing process and provides insights into business profitability. Deploying Field Service Lightning has turned the client’s scheduling process more efficient that enabled the crew members to access job information, allowing them to capture before and after photos and provide comments for swift issue resolution. In a nutshell, Salesforce set up enhanced communication, and streamlined workflows by providing visibility into the business and improving the landscaping contractor’s overall efficiency.


AppShark's implementation of an end-to-end CRM solution has significantly benefited the organization. This custom-built solution streamlined lead management, account management, opportunity management, ad inventory, case management, and field service operations. By utilizing this comprehensive system, the company has experienced time savings and improved efficiency, ultimately enhancing its productivity and customer satisfaction.