Revolutionizing Quote to Cash Lifecycle with Salesforce CPQ Implementation

Published on
July 11, 2024
Salesforce service cloud

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Client Overview

An Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing industry located in Texas delivers software-as-a-service applications to more than 300 global aviation customers. Serving 100,000+ individual users over a year, the company pioneered the use of distance learning in aviation training and has built on that legacy to offer imaginative training solutions that are practical and invaluable.

Having a broad spectrum of clients, the company used Word templates, manually created the contracts based on specifications, and added standalone products to the quote. However, this conventional method has proven highly unreliable, burdened by countless revisions and human errors. Seeking a more efficient solution, the client has explored a suitable structured template to streamline quote and product management, meeting the time-sensitive deliverables and targets by saving cost overruns.


Addressing the specific business requirements, Team AppShark has implemented the Salesforce CPQ solution, effectively automating the Quote to Cash and Renewal Lifecycle processes with remarkable ease. A robust quote and contract management solution was developed, ensuring compatibility with existing products while accommodating future additions. By leveraging features such as Product Bundles, Product Options, Product Rules, and Attributes, the team efficiently incorporated new products and managed line items. To streamline the contract signing process, Salesforce was integrated with DocuSign, allowing for contract distribution and collection of signatures. Additionally, customized quote templates along with dynamic content and flows, were created to conditionally render text and products in multiple line-item tables, achieving the desired output for the generated templates. 


The client witnessed notable time savings through the implementation of a customized solution specifically designed to streamline their Quote to Cash and Renewal lifecycle. AppShark’s end-to-end CRM solution introduced a streamlined system that enhanced multiple aspects of the company’s operations. It includes improving Opportunity Management, Quote Management, Order Management, Contract Management, and optimizing the Renewal Lifecycle. Furthermore, this optimal solution facilitated the client to achieve greater efficiency and time management.