Service Request Management

Published on
June 28, 2024
Salesforce service cloud

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A manufacturing company based out of Moorestown, NJ supplies semiconductor and optoelectronic devices. Having a large customer network, the organization receives a wide array of service requests. The client used to address these service-related queries via phone calls and emails with zero automation capabilities. This manual process resulted in delays and difficulties for the client in tracking service requests to resolution.


Taking the client's challenge into account, Team AppShark implemented a solution using Service Cloud, leveraging features like the Service Console, Email to Case, Web to Case, Entitlement Process, and Reports. This configuration enabled agents to have a unified view of customer service requests, resulting in improved assistance. The Manual case creation is replaced with Salesforce Email to Case, automating the process whenever customers email in. Auto-alerts are set up to notify customers upon case creation and updates and an entitlement process is established to calculate timely response for cases. Additionally, historical data is successfully migrated from Hubspot to Salesforce by effectively mapping the data between the two systems.


The custom-built solution helped the client to achieve time management with a unified view of tracking and managing all service requests. By leveraging the Service Cloud, AppShark delivered an end-to-end CRM solution that streamlined processes, enhanced reporting capabilities, and facilitated the faster resolution of service requests. This simplified approach resulted in improved efficiency and better customer service for the client.