Salesforce Einstein Implementation

Published on
June 28, 2024
Salesforce service cloud

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Founded in 2007 with headquarters in San Francisco, California, Sunrun Inc. is a residential solar company. The company employs a solar-as-a-service model to deliver clean energy to households at affordable rates. It also offers Sunrun Brightbox, a home solar battery service that provides backup power during outages. Sunrun serves over 240K customers across 22 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.


Sunrun sells its services through multiple channels including direct and partner channels, media, canvassing, referral, retail, and field marketing. It primarily relies on Salesforce for its sales activities such as lead generation, account management, opportunity management, quote management, job progress tracking, and customer services. The company needed to organize the huge amount of customer data and present it in an easy way for the sales team to understand and glean actionable insights from it. Sunrun also wanted to enhance its data analytics capabilities to track its sales performance at the micro-level.

Appshark's Solution

After a detailed review of the client needs, AppShark proposed using Salesforce's Einstein Analytics to streamline data and create dashboards that will help the company analyze and visualize its sales performance to the smallest detail.

To help the company monitor and analyze the performance of its various sales activities, AppShark created two dashboards. The "Lead Pipeline Stage Analysis" dashboard as shown in Image 1 analyzes different lead stages and conversion percentages

The "Sales Operations Cohort" dashboard as shown in Image 2 supplies the leadership team with complete visibility on weekly trending sales reports and other important direct sales operating metrics. AppShark designed the dashboard based on current data visualization techniques to make it easy to understand the information and draw meaningful insights.


o Delivered an integrated view of the entire sales operations.

o Simplified monitoring monthly, quarterly and weekly goal progress.

o Increased visibility of Key Performance Indicators refined sales activities focus.

o Ensured easy access to stagewise sales pipeline visibility.

o Improved automated sales forecasting accuracy.