Maximizing Sales Automation leveraging Salesforce CPQ practices

Published on
June 28, 2024
Salesforce service cloud

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AppShark helped a SaaS company leverage Salesforce CPQ to generate accurate and quick sales quotes by automating discounting and pricing rules. We also customized Salesforce Product Manager features to display Quote & Opportunity information seamlessly and to provide the Sales Team with one consolidated view of their different activities.

About the project

Our client identified gaps in their product management activities and needed a way to generate custom templates and quotes. To make this happen, they searched for a Salesforce Development Partner that could effectively solve the challenge. They selected AppShark to design a customized modular and flexible solution to improve the efficiency and automate processes.


Our client was using Salesforce Product Manager, out-of-the-box (OOTB). However, OOTB had limited configurable options causing an overload when using Product Attributes in Product Manager. Additionally, the client needed a solution to produce error-free Customized Quote Templates, including Automated Discounts, and generate complex pricing templates based on Product Attributes.

AppShark's Solution

AppShark recommended Salesforce CPQ as it would be the best bet to resolve the client's issues because of how customizable it is and its flexibility. AppShark solved the Product Manager issues with the software and designed a customized solution to meet the company's requirements.

The team also integrated Salesforce Product Manager features including:

o Standalone products with multiple attributes 

o Error-free quotes by Price Rules

o Effortless pricing based on Price Rules and Product Attributes

o Quote discount based on Payment Mode

o Custom Quote Templates


Implementing Salesforce CPQ with customizations improved the Product Manager process and stopped overloading the system. Products with multiple attributes can now be added to create product prices based on selected Attributes 

Our solution helped the company in:

o Generate error-free quotes faster 

o Display Quote & Opportunity information seamlessly 

o Automate the discounting process 

o Generate quotes using different templates