Automating Sales Process via QuickBooks Integration

Published on
June 28, 2024
Salesforce service cloud

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A Nevada-based Window & Patio Glass Company in the construction industry deals with supplying new windows, replacement windows, patio & glass doors, shower doors & enclosures and mirrors, etc.

Prior to the implementation of Salesforce, the company relied on spreadsheets and paper forms to manage its sales process. Also, the back office team utilized QuickBooks for their post-sales activities. But, due to limited visibility into back-office operations, the sales team had difficulties processing and responding to requests for information.


Addressing the client’s challenge, team AppShark has successfully implemented the Sales Cloud solution. By leveraging the standard out-of-the-box features, they ensured that all data was securely stored in a centralized system.

One of the key solutions is automation which generates customized forms from projects. This empowers sales representatives to effortlessly send forms to customers and capture project-specific information. Additionally, Salesforce seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks to synchronize pricing details. The implementation also incorporates other automation elements such as validation rules, flows, and sites, streamlining various processes for increased efficiency.


The company harnessed the power of form automation, resulting in significant time savings and improved accuracy in capturing project information. AppShark's comprehensive CRM solution brought about a transformative change in the sales process, making it easy-reporting and facilitating smooth synchronization of products between Salesforce and QuickBooks. This holistic system streamlined the operations, and enhanced workflow efficiency and overall productivity for the organization.