An SFDC Approach to Streamline Business Processes

Published on
July 2, 2024
Salesforce service cloud

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Client Overview

Our client specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced composite materials, primary and secondary structures, assemblies, and low-volume tooling for the aerospace markets. Their main aerospace manufacturing and development facility is based in Newton, Kansas, complemented by a satellite aerospace manufacturing facility in Singapore. With roots dating back to 1954, the company is dedicated to pushing boundaries in aerospace innovation, driven by a mission to tackle even the most challenging projects.

Project scope

The application in use for client was used to track all leads and prospect activities, as well as monitoring ongoing projects. But, the company looked for a complete overhaul of their operations, hoping to free up bandwidth for their resources to target new markets. Therefore, its business needed to-

o Arrive at a precise, concise mechanism to capture leads with required fields, views, and a customized page layout to assess the updated status of a given lead at any time.

o Accumulate and capture complete information of a customer account in a single tab, with other relevant data such as opportunities and contacts interlinked.

o Maximize the potential of converting opportunities by tracking reports of converted leads, relating opportunities available against accounts.

o Deploy custom applications for specific unique business demands which can communicate to the master application in use.


Client needed to record all information on their customer projects, including manufacturing material, assembly, and processes. The scope of its business spanned over 35 countries, ten types of products offered to 10 segments (such as medical, military, space, etc.) and catered to over 150 airline vendors.

Its objective was to be able to function and excel in an integrated environment while increasing productivity to capture a more significant market share.

AppShark’s Solution

Client dealt with volumes of crucial data from their decades in the manufacturing industry. Transitioning into Salesforce Sales Cloud from Oracle was carried out in a carefully planned and phased manner. This process covered-

o Revamping their lead nurture strategy through adding/removing fields, and building well-defined page layouts with relevant field mappings.

o A similar exercise was carried out to ensure that customer information was also organized.

o Linking up updated contact information with the corresponding accounts.

o Custom objects were created, for example, for each of the airline companies they catered to. This will facilitate tracking and pulling up records based on categories. (Market segment, airline, product, etc.)

o Importing data from the Oracle system into Sales Cloud CRM

o Configuration of reports and dashboards.


The stakeholders were sufficiently trained to handle the application to be able to sell, service, market, analyze, and connect with their customers. Sales Cloud was designed to support client’s unique processes and was implemented without affecting day to day operations.