Salesforce Chempax Integration

Published on
June 28, 2024
Salesforce service cloud

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Established in 1994 by Tim Harris, Joe Ford, and Chris LaMothe, Harris & Ford, LLC is a major distributor of chemicals, ingredients, and related products and services to the food, personal care, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, water treatment, and industrial customers.

Client Goals

Harris & Ford wanted to optimize and automate their sales process. The company was using Datacor ERP (Chempax), an enterprise resource planning software for the chemical industry. They wanted to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud for lead management, case management, and supplier catalog management. The company also wanted to integrate Sales Cloud with ChemPax ERP so as to automate data transfer between the two systems and to smoothen the lead-to-deal process.

AppShark’s solution

After a comprehensive requirement analysis and assessment of their existing technology infrastructure, our team started with implementing Sales Cloud and integrating it with Chempax ERP. We used Heroku connect for Salesforce and Chempax integration.

Salesforce Chempax Integration-How it works?

Once a new prospect has been identified by the sales reps, they will create a new lead on the Sales Cloud. Qualified leads are then automati-cally sent from Salesforce to the Chempax system for verification by the accounts and other concerned teams. Once verified, a contact is created which is again synced from Chempax to Salesforce thus creating a bidirectional sync which increases the data transparency and efficacy. With this Salesforce Chempax integration achieved the sales reps will nurture the lead and convert the contact into an opportunity with minimal communication and intervention.

When the opportunity reaches the ‘evaluation of options’ stage, a new sourcing opportunity is created and assigned to the company’s sourcing team. The sourcing team will update the pricing on the product and other details and update the status to ‘Ready for sales review’. The sales team will then follow up and close the opportunity.

After the opportunity is closed, the order and supplier PO is created at Chempax. The data is then synced from Chempax to Salesforce.

For case management, we enabled the registration of cases in Sales-force through emails. The cases created on Salesforce can be routed to concerned teams from the instance.

We also created custom reports and dashboards for open/close opportunities, open/close cases, revenue, and profitability by customer/product/category.


Our efforts helped Harris & Ford in several ways including:

o Setting up an optimized lead to deal process

o Driving automation through Salesforce Chempax integration

o Tighter collaboration between Sales, Accounts and Servicing teams

o Easier management of cases

o 360 degree view of operations through reports and dashboards