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Driving Efficiency: Strategic Sales Cloud and CPQ Implementation

Published on
June 19, 2024

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Client Overview

A Media Powerhouse with its headquarters in Portland, OR created content-driven communities around niche interests that delight fans and celebrate diversity. It runs with a motto that the idea of writing and reading should be just as diverse as books and readers are.

But,  the client encountered a challenge to manage an inventory of booked ads using spreadsheets.  Due to voluminous data sets, the spreadsheet turned unresponsive. This led to the Operations department spending incredible amounts of time keeping track of ads and dealing with the occurring delays while accessing the spreadsheet. To simplify the operations, the client seeks centralized database management. Also, during the initial stages, the organization utilized both Memberpress and WooCommerce sites for its customer subscriptions. Thereby, to handle the service requests for its online products, it is looking for an efficient way to manage these requests and provide timely updates to customers. 


Considering the client’s drawback, Team AppShark devised a comprehensive solution by utilizing Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and CPQ. This tailor-made solution streamlines each stage of the business by meeting its specific requirements. In addition to it, an Inventory Management solution is developed complemented by custom lightning components to manage products and edit quote line items. To ensure seamless integration, Salesforce was integrated with MemberPress and WooCommerce websites through REST APIs, enabling the synchronization of orders into Salesforce. Also, the Schedule Apex and Queueable Apex functionalities are created to efficiently consume REST APIs and synchronize data.


The customized solution has enabled the client to manage the Accounts, Opportunities, and Inventory Management efficiently and facilitated a smooth hand-off to the Operations team. AppShark's end-to-end CRM solution revolutionized various aspects including Opportunity management, Ad inventory management, Service request management, Order management, and reporting. Thereby, implementing a single unified data interface helped the client to gain a comprehensive 360-degree view, resulting in improved productivity and enhanced decision-making capabilities.