Optimizing Sales Conversions via Salesforce-ERP Integration

Published on
June 28, 2024
Salesforce service cloud

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Founded in 1930, Stuart Dean provides interior and exterior architectural restoration services to commercial buildings, retail stores, and institutions. The company specializes in beautifying, restoring, and protecting wood, facades, metal, stone, chandeliers, and glass surfaces. It also revises grout and tiles as well as carpet care. With a skilled workforce of more than 600 professionals, Stuart Dean serves clients in 29 major markets across the U.S. and Canada.

Project Scope

Stuart Dean wanted to transform its sales process to achieve the following goals:

o Increase leads with automated web-to-lead assignment.

o Enhance customer relationships with service excellence in every engagement.

o Boost collaboration across the organization.

o Simplify processes to increase employee efficiency.

o Give management full visibility into all aspects of sales, operations, and account management.

o Add mobile access to help employees access important data and stay productive wherever they are.


Stuart Dean generates business from multiple sources, including website inquiries and the sales team's efforts. The company needed an automation system to streamline its various sales activities and effectively organize its sales data.

The leadership team of the company requested a complete view of the entire sales process to guide decision-making and to ensure customers receive high-quality service. The company offers a wide range of services with more than 1,000 service categories.

Each service category contains multiple pricing rules that contain the type of service required, the location, and the classification of the customer. Creating accurate quotes requires factoring in every rule.

After producing a business quote, the sales team sends the quote to its prospective and existing customers.

Once the lead converts into an opportunity, the relevant data needs to go into the ERP system to enhance the flow of information within the organization. This called for synchronizing Sales Cloud and Microsoft Navision.

AppShark's Solution

After reviewing Stuart Dean’s sales process and business needs, AppShark implemented the Sales Cloud. To support the complexity in the pricing of its services, AppShark set up Salesforce CPQ to create a quote template/form to accommodate the 1,000-plus services and multiple pricing rules.

AppShark designed an approval process with a threshold quotation limit set for each salesperson. Any quote above the set limit automatically routes to the person with approving authority in thecompany.

The project included integrating Salesforce Conga Composer to produce sophisticated proposal documents. Using data from Salesforce Cloud, the composer supports document creation in PowerPoint, HTML, Word, and PDF file formats.

The integration of Sales Cloud with Microsoft Navision capitalized Rapidi, a high-performance data synchronization and sharing tool. AppShark moved the customer data from Navision to Salesforce Cloud to sync the business functionalities in both systems.


o Enhanced organization-wide collaboration by synchronizing Salesforce and ERP systems.

o Increase sales team efficiency with streamlined and automated sales process.

o Improved decision making by providing leaders with full visibility.

o Helped the workforce get more done on the road by adding mobile access.

o Grew revenues by creating more sales and cross-sales opportunities.

o Transformed sales process increased customer service and relationship building.