Redesigning Sales and Quoting Process with Salesforce Lightning – Case Study

Salesforce Lightning helps intuitive and targeted selling, tracking performances and analytics.


A reputed electrical switchgear brand found in 1986 in Texas, USA started off with primarily selling quality circuit breakers and spare parts to electrical service shop industry. They then moved to offer new and remanufactured electrical switchgear products, reliability testing devices, disaster recovery operations, and a variety of other power system engineering services. The brand remains committed to delivering superior product and service developments, reliable and protected electrical systems to its clients.


The business had been using Salesforce Cloud with the classic interface and custom pricing quotation module since 2011. With their broader outlook in business development while establishing a more efficient and faster process of selling and quoting, Team AppShark was roped in to migrate the current Salesforce environment into that with the lightning component. UI/UX tools were introduced; new dashboards were created along with creation of reporting and analytics components.


Migration into Salesforce Lightning helped the business empower the sales and support team with uniform information on sales and orders. Requests for quotes could be processed faster and hence could handle more number of orders.

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