Solar Company Leverages Einstein Analytics to Transform Data into  Meaningful Visual Information




Our client is a residential solar company. The company employs a solar-as-a-service model to deliver clean energy to households at affordable rates. It also offers a home solar battery service that provides backup power during outages and serves over 240K customers across 22 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.




Our client primarily relies on Salesforce for its various operations like lead generation, account management, opportunity management, and customer services etc. The company needed to organize the huge amount of customer data, process it and present it in an easy way to understand and glean actionable insights from it.  


We implemented Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics to organize & process data and create dashboards to help the company analyze and visualize its sales performance to the smallest detail.




Our efforts helped the company’s leadership in getting an integrated view of the entire sales operations with simplified monitoring monthly, quarterly and weekly goal progress. Einstein Analytics helped the company in automating sales forecasting along with stage-wise progress monitoring. 


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