Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation – Case Study

Salesforce Health Cloud centralizes large scale operations factoring in every component of health care.


A community health care provider based in Dallas, TX serving over 122,000 individuals in the country needed a centralized set up that could track processes and streamline them in an efficient manner. With several health care partners such as insurance partners, physicians, health care systems, the brand boasts of over 24,000 professionals who serve across 170 locations. The brand uses cutting edge technology and experienced staff to provide innovative care with flexible payment models. 


The brand used a proprietary cloud-based solution meant for home care and nursing businesses. However, with the ever-increasing demand for high-quality patient care and management, the brand required a custom CRM that could ensure uniform connectivity, and process visibility while handling patients, the local care team, and the central office.

 Team AppShark implemented Salesforce Health Cloud to help them focus on inpatient case management and mapping the entire process of their patient journey. Patient data flow between both systems was uniform, enabled using a unique tool called Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Screen Scraping, which automated data input and extraction.


The comprehensive feature of the Case Management system in the application brought about a connected and streamlined patient admission process across locations. The brand was able to enhance the speed and quality of care given.

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