Over the past decade, AppShark helped hundreds of customers in various industries leverage Salesforce products to maximize  their ROI. Whether you’re a business looking to increase revenue or a nonprofit hoping to heighten social awareness, we have the right solutions for you.

Implementing Tailored Salesforce Solutions for Businesses

Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based platform that empowers organizations to streamline operations, provide more timely customer service and improve sales performance. 

AppShark has completed more than 500 successful Salesforce projectsThe following case studies will help illustrate how we’ve helped customers become more efficient while improving reporting and collaboration.

Case Studies 

  • Health Care Provider– Community health care organization who partners with several providers to provide services.
  • IOT Device Developer– Device Management and wearable technology solution provider using IoT, AI, and Blockchain.
  • Belgian Sweet Maker– A European delicacy brand that manufactures and sells treats all around the world through online and retail partnerships.
  • B2B Payment Solution Provider– A B2B payment processing solution provider who helps optimize payment processing workflows with their solution.
  • Fast Food Taqueria– A casual fast taqueria chain serving authentic tacos in over 20 outlets across the USA.
  • Telecommunication Company– Telecommunications company providing internet, mobile, TV and other connected devices throughout Alaska.
  • Antiques Auction House– One of America’s leading auction houses specializing in art, weaponry, and antiques.
  • Marketing Agency– A marketing agency that helps educational institutions with lead generation and management.
  • Financial Consultants– Consulting and lending specialists for working capital and business loans for small businesses.
  • Media Industry– An entertainment company that manages the sales and management of tickets worldwide for all kinds of live shows.
  • Switchgear Manufacturer– Manufacturer of electrical switchgear products, reliability testing devices, disaster recovery operations, etc.
  • Data Management Company– Data quality platform and process automation solution provider especially for sales and marketing functions.
  • Media Industry– Creators of content-driven communities who bring bloggers to a common platform.
  • Architecture Company– Architectural restoration services provider with specialized services in over 29 markets in the USA and Canada. 
  • Solar Power Company– A residential solar services provider who offers solar as a service as well as home solar energy batteries as back-up power.
  • Security Solutions Company– Money processing and security solution service provider with strategic partnerships across retail financing. 
  • Fast Food Brand– An Egyptian street food brand that celebrates the uniqueness of its culture using the country’s staples.

  • Chemical Distributors– Read How we transformed the sales process for a major chemical distribution company.


  • Farming Equipment Brand– Read How we automated the data migration process from a legacy platform to Salesforce using Jitterbit.


  • Designer Jewelers– Read how our Salesforce experts streamlined the sales and lead generation process by integrating Sales Cloud with Shopify POS.


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