How Salesforce Can Help You Master The Customer Experience

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June 1, 2016

When I was a kid, Zenith was the leader in manufacturing and selling radios and TV’s – their slogan was “The Quality goes in before the Name goes on

Quality was what customers wanted and they were willing to pay for it.

Then about 12 years ago Wal-Mart replaced quality with low price – customers now wanted to find the lowest price – the best deal. Quality took a back seat.

Along comes 2016 – now customers are conditioned to low prices and quality that they consider acceptable. So what do they expect?

“The Customer Experience”

Salesforce Customer Experience

How do you define that? A great article in Harvard Business Review, “The Truth about Customer Experience” defines it as a customer’s entire lifecycle with you, rather than the key touch points when there is a real interaction between your customer and you. Customer experience is the accumulative effect of numerous touch points over a period of time, which eventually results in a real feel of a relationship, or maybe, if you fail, a lack of it. So, what can drive your customer to leave you and start buying from your competitor?

In my past blogs I have discussed that today’s customer demands instant gratification. If you cannot answer their question instantly, if they cannot find the product they want to buy now, if you cannot resolve their customer service issue quickly and with a positive outcome – that becomes a negative Customer Experience.

My experience in Sales for 30 years has taught me how Customer Experience is a real differentiator, especially when your products are not too different from the ones of your competitor. So what does it take to create a positive customer experience? Each and every one of your employees needs to know you are committed to doing exactly that. They must also be equipped to do whatever it takes to give that positive Customer Experience.

How you equip them is with a robust CRM. With customers demanding instant answers, greater choices and more control over their lifecycle, Salesforce enables your organization to deliver a superior Customer Experience with a 360 degree view of the customer with a consistent Customer Experience across all communication touch points. Salesforce is no longer your Daddy’s CRM. Today, Salesforce provides so much more that a database for a sales rep to manage their sales activities. With the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Health Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, etc. Salesforce gives your company the platform to construct the ability to deliver that Positive Customer Experience.

Salesforce Customer Experience

Remember customers today are not only looking out for great products, features or offers, but rather aligning towards a complete and seamless Customer Experience. They are more powerful than ever, and can determine an organization’s success or failure in a matter of seconds. The 'Age of the Customer' is here to revolutionize how every business needs to rapidly innovate and undergo transformations in order to succeed.

We are proud to have partnered with Salesforce to help you deliver a great Customer Experience. AppShark can help your organization leverage the power of Salesforce through Services like Implementation, Integration, Development, Administration and Support. Do email us at to know more!

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