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You have great ideas. You’ve built strong relationships. You’re ready to convert all your hard work into continued success. It’s time to take your business to the next level and AppShark is the trusted partner that’s going to help you get there!

We have over a decade of experience with hundreds of projects completed. We help all types of organizations leverage various Salesforce products to maximize their ROI. Whether you’re a business looking to increase revenue or a nonprofit hoping to heighten social awareness, we have the right solutions for you.

Why Choose AppShark?

AppShark is a software services company and leading provider of Salesforce consulting services. We have true international reach with offices in Dallas, New Jersey, Toronto and India, and we’re 1 of only 15 firms in the world who is both a Salesforce Gold Partner and Salesforce Product Development Partner.

What’s more, we provide our staff with on-going training. You can rest assured that every Salesforce consultant, developer, and administrator is skilled in the latest Salesforce technologies and products (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Einstein, Community Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, and Pardot).

In other words, we know how to make sure our customers get the most they possibly can out of Salesforce. It’s no wonder why AppShark scored a Customer Satisfaction rating of 9.7 out of 10 on Salesforce AppExchange.

How Does The AppShark Approach Work?

We get to know what makes your business tick. Our specialists personally interact with your team to understand your company’s challenges and goals. From there, we tailor affordable strategies meant to target the specific needs of your organization.

Whether you’re searching for a smooth implementation of a new Salesforce investment, or you’re wanting to expand your existing Salesforce instance beyond its current capabilities, our Salesforce consultants have a plan for you.

With AppShark, you get stellar Salesforce consulting, implementation, development, integration, and staff augmentation services.

Salesforce Implementation

AppShark helps you navigate the (sometimes rough) waters of Salesforce implementation.

A Salesforce implementation of any scale can be complex if you’re not accustomed to
devising a clear path to deployment. Fortunately, we have extensive experience in ensuring a Salesforce solution is executed in an effective and efficient manner.

For your convenience, we offer two forms of implementation: Full and Quick Start.

Full Implementation
During a Full implementation, AppShark collaborates with your team to decipher the specific goals of your business. We then devise and carry out a plan that’s fully
customized to your company.
Quick Start Implementation
Quick Start implementation is ideal for budget-conscious firms who need Salesforce
up and functioning as soon as possible. As such, the scope is fixed.
A typical AppShark project begins with the Discovery phase where our team gets to know your business and its requirements. We dig into your core objectives and create an Implementation & Project plan that best suits you.

An implementation can include several key features:

  • User and organization setup
  • Pipeline management (leads, accounts, opportunities, contracts, orders, etc.)
  • Campaign management
  • CPQ (configure, price, quote) configuration
  • Price books and catalogs
  • Data import and migration
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Forecasting
  • Training and adoption

Ready to Start A Project?

Making the move to Salesforce can quickly maximize the efficiency of your team, specific departments, and your entire company. With over 500 Salesforce projects completed over the past decade, AppShark is the ideal partner to help you make the transition, no matter how unique your situation.

Full Implementation Process

Salesforce Development

One of the many reasons Salesforce has become an indispensable tool for businesses is because of its ability to support custom applications. But, no one business is the same, and not all apps are created equal. It’s crucial to find a qualified developer who understands your company

The AppShark development team is innovative, seasoned, and certified.

Our team is well-versed in all development aspects of Salesforce and Every developer works with an agile model that’s proven to produce quick results and lower overall costs.

In addition, once a development project is completed, our team will be available to support you with new features, questions, and training. In the rare case that there are any post-production issues, our specialists will continue to provide production deployment assistance. We do all we can to ensure your project is a success.

We offer a wide range of development services:

  • Development of Visualforce web pages (custom pages within the Salesforce interface)
  • Creation of Apex triggers (whether it triggers actions and what those actions might be)
  • Modification of existing Apex/Visualforce Code
  • Apex web services
  • Scheduled/batch Apex
  • More services available depending on your Salesforce needs

We also work with several supported Salesforce platform technologies including Salesforce Mobile (implementation and development), Salesforce AppExchange (application development and support), Heroku Enterprise (application development), Salesforce Lightning, and

Salesforce Integration

Most likely, your company utilizes multiple software and applications to perform different tasks, often a combination of on-premise, cloud and mobile apps, including software-enabled services like shipping, payment gateways, etc. It’s to be expected, as your business is surely made up of many moving parts that require attention and management.

The issue that arises here is the inability of systems to “talk” to each other in a common language. As a result, you spend an exorbitant amount of time, effort, and money on tracking numerous processes.

Thankfully, Salesforce includes options to automate your business processes by integrating Salesforce with third-party applications, such as with Quickbooks or a Mailchimp Salesforce Integration. What users get is one central point of entry into multiple programs.

AppShark provides comprehensive integration services such as strategy, development, and management. We facilitate the uninterrupted flow of information from cloud to cloud, premise to premise, or cloud to premise platforms.

Ready to Start A Project?

Making the move to Salesforce can quickly maximize the efficiency of your team, specific departments, and your entire company. With over 500 Salesforce projects completed over the past decade, AppShark is the ideal partner to help you make the transition, no matter how unique your situation.

Application integration provides a unified view of multiple business applications or of new and legacy systems. Here are some examples of programs we’ve integrated with Salesforce:

  • ERP Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Payment Gateways
  • e-Commerce/Point of Sale (POS)
  • Database (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)
  • 3rd Party Apps/APIs
  • Legacy Applications
  • In-House Apps

When done correctly, all your applications and systems will have a seamless connection with Salesforce and feed it information through connectors and/or APIs. Similarly, the connectors and APIs can be used to send information from Salesforce back to those apps. Our Salesforce consultants work with you to identify the applications and systems you’re using, determine connectivity options, gauge the volume of data that will flow between the systems to arrive at a solution to utilize tools, connectors or to create custom code to consume available APIs to accomplish the integration goals of your business.

Depending on the specifics of your project, we utilize top integration tools & providers like Jitterbit, BizTalk, Boomi, Cast Iron, Pervasive, and TIBCO. Or, we can write custom integrations with API calls.

Delivery Models

The convenience and care we bring to the table is second to none!

With offices in North America, Canada and Asia, AppShark is able to better connect with customers all over the world. Additionally, a thriving global presence allows us to offer a variety of delivery models. The option that’s right for you depends on your requirements, the nature of your assignment, and the services being delivered.

A Dedicated Team
In this onsite delivery model, a dedicated team or individual is assigned to you. They’re embedded in your business environment and trained on your systems. The team, which can consist of developers, QAs, and/or administrators, works on the development and support tasks you assign to them (within the scope of the engagement).
A Shared Team
Not every project calls for a dedicated team. This is especially true when the scope of the project doesn’t require a full-time resource. Enter the shared team option.
As it is with the dedicated option, a team or individual is assigned to your business and trained in your processes. Within the scope of the engagement, you assign the development and/or support duties. It’s probably no surprise to hear that when utilizing a shared team, task turnaround times are a bit slower than that of the dedicated team, and the team members will be working remotely.
A Block of Hours
In some instances, project tasks are few and far between. If this applies to you, you have the option to purchase a block of hours. This block remains active for a specific period, so it’s important to take advantage of the time when it is available.
Since the details of this model are wholly dependent on the nature of the work and the size of the block, we recommend that you contact an AppShark account representative for further details.
If you have a well-defined project with a fixed scope, AppShark can supply a team to work on that project.
In this model, we provide project-based estimates including time, effort, and cost. In order to ensure the project stays on track, we provide you with weekly customer demos which help in controlling scope changes and maintaining costs. The Offshore approach is a great option for projects with a well-defined and well-established scope.
Offsite (Global Development Center)
With an Offsite delivery model, you benefit from a highly-qualified development team located in our state-of-the-art Global Development Center. It’s the optimal choice for medium to large projects where scope creep is expected. It includes defined scrums with definitive scope, cost, and duration. It allows for maximum flexibility since it lends itself well to AppShark’s agile development methodology.
Blended (Offsite and Onsite)
A Blended approach is perfect for those projects requiring AppShark staff to execute onsite coordination and management. Here, we place a team or representative in your office to coordinate the day-to-day activities, oversee offshore delivery, and facilitate the communication between you and the offshore team.

Administration & Support Services

We’re all in it together!

Certainly, part of what we do is imparting our Salesforce knowledge onto you and your team. However, there may be times when you’re in need of our assistance. That’s okay! When a new or improved system is implemented, it just comes with the territory. Plus, we understand that your business needs may change over time. Salesforce was built for businesses looking to scale.

Our certified Salesforce consultants, administrators, and developers are always eager and willing to answer questions and provide insight. Below are some examples of what our admin and support team can assist with:

Add/Remove/Update Users, Profiles, and Roles

Your business is primed for growth so the number of users can go from manageable to out of control in a short time frame. We take the worry off your shoulders by building a Salesforce management services program that scales with you.

Create/Modify Object Layouts (standard/custom objects)

You set up custom objects to track your unique business data in Salesforce. You have only a few methods of interacting with that information, one of which is creating object layouts. We develop Page Layouts for you and help you modify them as your needs change.

Email Templates

You use email responders to the best of their abilities by creating email templates that will engage your audience and keep them buying.

Manage Security Settings (access controls, login controls, forgotten passwords, etc.)

Your prime goal in life is not likely spending time resetting people’s passwords on a regular basis.

Data Management (import/export/cleanse)

Whether you’ve used a single tool or disparate platforms, we help you migrate information and make sense of it within Salesforce.

Create/Modify Reports and Dashboards

One of the best ways to understand your pipeline is through viewing a robust dashboard of sales data.

Create/Modify List Views

Custom list views make it easy for an employee to quickly reference filtered information like client data, pipeline stages, and more.

Create New Fields

We help identify the best custom fields to include and all of the actions they should trigger. You add greater efficiencies to your sales machine.

Automated Email Processing

Automation helps your team improve productivity and efficiency! We help identify opportunities to automate email processing and implement them.

Install/configure apps from AppExchange

We research available apps on the marketplace, help you identify which ones are best to use, and make sure those apps are configured to drive the most utilization for you.

Workflow/approval process, process builder flows

Our experts take pride in improving efficiencies and workflow processes are just one of the many ways they do it.

Salesforce Mobile configuration (mobile device application)

We get your Salesforce mobile app running the way you want and ensure that Salesforce travels wherever your team does.

Visualforce pages

When the standard layouts are not meeting your unique business needs, we will build Visualforce pages to get the job done.

Web-to-lead, Email-to-case, Email-to-lead

Whatever the phases of your sales funnel may be, Salesforce identifies common workflows. We walk you through these workflows and identify which ones to follow based on your sales process.

3rd party web services integration

We provide solutions in integrating 3rd party web services with Salesforce.

Apex coding including triggers

Our developers are certified and experienced in Apex coding to handle those complex business processes that go beyond the capability of Workflows and Process Builder. This may be to build custom web services, invoke external services, complex validations and much more.

Payment gateway integration

Through integrating your payment gateways with Salesforce, you can pull in some of the final pieces of your sales puzzle. Eliminate additional steps and process payments seamlessly from within Salesforce.

Payment gateway integration

Need the customer’s outstanding balance in the ERP system updated into Salesforce? Account Manager making changes to customer data that is not flowing to ERP? What about Orders, Invoices? We will help you put together a reliable integration process in place that makes sure data flows between systems, eliminating duplicate entry and improving visibility and timely access to data.

Lightning Components

Migrated to the Lightning interface? Our experienced developers can build and deploy custom lightning components to address your needs. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. If you’re wondering about it, we want to hear about it. Our team is just a phone call, chat, or email away.

Staffing Services

Do you ever wish you had a Salesforce expert in your back pocket? We can make your dreams come true with onsite and/or remote staffing services!

Through AppShark, you can enlist the help of certified Salesforce specialists.

Onsite Staffing/Staff Augmentation

We have a team of North America based, certified and experienced Salesforce consultants, developers and administrators available for short and/or long-term onsite engagements.

Remote Admin

A dedicated/shared admin ensures the responsive support and maintenance of your Salesforce instances. Every AppShark admin is Salesforce certified and able to handle all of your routine Salesforce administration needs:

  • Basic system administration tasks including adding, removing, and changing your users, permissions, and passwords
  • User assistance, training, and support
  • Understand user needs and make requested changes, which may encompass Workflows, UI/Layouts, Custom Fields, Objects, Applications, and Process Builder
  • Data migration and cleansing
  • Reports and dashboards
  • AppExchange package installation and maintenance

The choice of a dedicated or shared admin resource is dependent on your number of licenses as well as the amount of work you anticipate.

Remote Developer

If your company has Salesforce development and coding needs, AppShark has the perfect remote developer for you. All remote developers are Salesforce certified. Our development resources boast a laundry list of services:

  • Basic development tasks (custom applications, objects, fields, buttons, etc.)
  • Development tasks that require coding (Visualforce pages, Apex Classes, Triggers, etc.)
  • Advanced development (Working on AppExchange product development tasks, Schedule Apex, Batch Apex, Lightning Components, Apex services, API integration with external systems)
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Email integration
  • Visualforce pages
  • Jitterbit, Boomi ,etc.

The choice of dedicated or shared developer resources is contingent upon the amount of development work you expect to engage.

Remote Team

You heard us right! AppShark can provide your company with a full remote team prepared to assist you with Salesforce development, coding, administration, and managed services.

Your team can be a combination of Salesforce consultants, developers, administration QAs, and shared/dedicated project managers.

Salesforce Solutions for Nonprofits

You’re good at saving the world. AppShark and Salesforce want to nurture that talent!

Salesforce offers an end-to-end solution for nonprofits called the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). It allows organizations to effectively communicate with donors and the community.

Users are given the power to track volunteers, fundraising, and donor data. Nonprofits who are eligible can obtain 10 free licenses of NPSP!

The Salesforce NPSP serves nonprofits of all types with intuitive functionality:

  • Get a unified view of every interaction your nonprofit has with donors, supporters, members, volunteers, and partners
  • Keep donors excited about campaigns by building fundraising reports and dashboards
  • Establish your community and deliver on your mission by sharing information and collaborating in real time
  • Access your own social and mobile applications

The AppShark Advantage

AppShark understands that there are unique needs associated with the management of a nonprofit. We have considerable experience in giving nonprofits the resources they need to maximize a Salesforce solution.

After we get a sense of your requirements, we assist with several tasks including configuring your lead and donor base, cleaning and deduping your database, setting up your donation payments system (single, multiple, or recurring), devising your marketing campaigns, and designing and implementing dashboards and reports. And, we’ll even train your team!

It’s also worth noting that if your project encompasses more complex tasks such as a custom application or integrating Salesforce with other systems, it’s no problem for our Salesforce consultants.

The AppShark specialists are experts in delivering solutions that fit your goals, budget, and timeline.

If you’re interested in the NPSP program, contact an AppShark Nonprofit Salesforce specialist at

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