End-to-End Salesforce Management at a Fraction of the Cost! 

Let our experienced Admins, Developers and Consultants help manage and support your Salesforce instance, freeing you up to focus on your business. Our Managed Services engagement models can be tailored to your requirements and budget. Our experienced team of professionals can help you increase the ROI of your Salesforce instance, leaving you with a more productive and happy workforce.

Our services include

  • User administration, permissions etc.
  • Reports & Dashboards, Objects, Fields, Layouts, Validation Rules etc.
  • Automations – Lead, Case assignment, Flows etc.
  • Data Management – upload, download etc.
  • Preventive maintenance tasks including monitoring, analysis, data flows etc.

Services will be performed by

  • Certified Developers & Administrators – routine tasks
  • SME & Consultants – consulting and design for complex tasks
  • Application & Integration Architects – strategy consulting and advisory for larger initiatives
  • Business Analysts & Project Managers – to help manage complex and strategic projects

Process we follow

  • Your primary interaction with our team will be using a case management system for all your managed services requests
  • Project Managers manage the entire communication and documentation process
  • You will have complete visibility into your cases, progress made, roadblocks if any and suggestions for resolutions etc.
  • Routine tasks are completed within specific timelines, complex requests will be developed using an agile development process.

AppShark’s Case Management System

  • Log requests, add notes, provide updates or send attachments
  • Complete visibility into your cases, statuses and progress updates
  • Documented suggestions to any challenges that could occur or derail project timelines

What does a typical Managed Services Engagement look like?

  • We offer a hybrid engagement model, and provide both North America based and offshore teams
  • Flexible engagement plans to meet your specific needs based on resources and requirements
  • A customized plan to optimize response times and task management
  • All resource time is logged and time tracking reports are always available


  • Access to a team with diverse skills and certifications under one agreement
  • Lower cost of maintaining your Salesforce Org with full-time staff
  • Eliminate ongoing training & knowledge transfer gaps & that are caused by resource turnover and periodic product release updates
  • Healthier Salesforce Org due to ongoing monitoring, upkeep and professional oversight
  • Guaranteed response times here

Salesforce Products covered under Managed Services

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Experience Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Pardot
  • CPQ

Managed Services Overview

  • Consulting

    Access to our experienced developers, consultants & architects to help you evaluate your needs/plans and recommend solutions using best practices

  • Customization


    Any task that a Salesforce Administrator can perform - changes to objects, fields, validation rules etc., creating new or changing existing reports and dashboards and more..

  • Development

    Any task that a developer can perform - coding, triggers, flows etc.

  • Integration


    Integrate your Salesforce Org with external systems - cloud or on-premise, using the best tool/approach to meet your needs.

  • Data Management

    Ad-hoc data imports & exports, setup automated, scheduled data imports and exports, data cleansing and governance.

    Data Management
  • Feature Assistance

    Feature Assistance

    Provide insight into various salesforce features to help you understand how they work and to make decisions on how to apply them to meet your business needs.

  • Training

    As you add new users, enable new Salesforce features or releases and deploy new customizations, our team will train your users to get them familiar with the changes made.

  • End-user Support

    End-user Support

    User administration, permissions, backups and troubleshooting routine errors and alerts, including monitoring for errors in any integrations that are implemented

  • Org Optimization

    Keep up with Salesforce releases, perform regular health checks, proactively monitor various Salesforce limits & usage (storage, API calls etc.) and recommend steps to optimize.

    Org Optimization

How does AppShark deliver its Salesforce Managed Services?

We offer flexible engagement plans that start at only 40 hours per month. Our Managed Services plans are customized to each client’s specific needs, and by leveraging a hybrid engagement model, our services are available for a fraction of the price of taking on these resources internally. Our basic plans are:

Monthly Managed Services – Ongoing, role-specific support plans that provide an allowance of hours by resource. Customers can change time and resource commitments quarterly within the agreement, based on their ongoing, changing needs. The plan can change as your business does.

Block of Hours – Customers can purchase a block of time for specific resources – typically used for project-based work or short-term engagements, based on the deliverables expected. Additional blocks of time can be purchased as additional customization or integrations are needed.

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