'Success with Salesforce''

Published on
June 2, 2014

Salesforce has taken Customer Relationship Management to a whole new level. A large number of organizations, both big and small, are increasingly adopting Salesforce to enhance their existing customer service, expand their businesses and maximize their return on investment. However, for small businesses that cannot afford the luxury of complex infrastructure and extensive resources, Salesforce offers the perfect solution.

Today, a number of companies looking to scale have implemented Salesforce CRM. Salesforce, however, like every new system, comes with its own set of challenges.

Post implementation, a company can face a number of debilitating issues that can derail its progress if they are not resolved effectively. Since it is a dynamic system that requires constant vigilance to remain “tuned up” and on track, some users face overwhelming difficulties in maintaining and running their Salesforce system. While it offers flexible functionality through various features and customizations, some Salesforce users find it difficult to accurately implement complex new features. There are often times when it becomes difficult for users to keep track of the various Salesforce updates in their system. An organization which has just implemented Salesforce may not have the right resource for administering the system and may require assistance. Sometimes, the challenges are compounded by pressure from the management or alternatively, the company’s IT team (current system administrator) may not have sufficient time and/or the skill to respond to the organization’s increasing business needs. Another challenge is, while Salesforce allows an organization to add multiple user accounts, sometimes there are complications inconfiguring multiple user accounts which are required to keep up with increasing team size and demand for data access. All these issues are especially prominent in the case of SME’s which often lack the resource or infrastructure to deal with them.

As a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner, AppShark, completely understands the various challenges that a Small or Medium Business Enterprise faces when working with Salesforce CRM.

With expertise borne from years of experience with Salesforce CRM implementations, we have devised a ''Success with Salesforce'' Program to help you resolve any issue that may arise from your Salesforce CRM implementation. The Salesforce MSP is an on-going service plan to ensure that you fully leverage the vast array of features, updates, AppExchange products, integration opportunities available in Salesforce as well as the flexibility of the Force.com platform to optimize your return on investment. Under this model, we offer:

  • On-going Salesforce consulting
  • Design
  • Administration and enhancements
  • Custom development
  • Integration and support for end user adoption
  • Training

From administration and configuration, to customization and active support, our Salesforce MSP plan is carefully crafted and designed to fit your needs. Our certified Salesforce CRM Administrators can assess and recommend the right approaches to simplify and streamline your Salesforce deployment. We work side-by-side with business owners and subject matter experts to deliver a usable and scalable system that can become a valued tool for expanding your business.

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