We have over a decade of experience in Salesforce integrations and development with hundreds of completed projects. We help all types of organizations leverage various Salesforce products to maximize their ROI. Whether you’re a business looking to connect Salesforce to your ERP or a nonprofit hoping to integrate with back-office system, we have the right solutions for you.

What is Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce is a powerful CRM platform. Salesforce can be integrated with other applications like ERPs, Marketing Automation Platforms, and Order Management Systems. An integration can help your business to create new capabilities, minimize redundancy, share information across the organization, and access 360-degree operational visibility.

Our Salesforce integration services are designed to ensure your success by beginning with a detailed discovery and closing with continued support.

Salesforce Integration Options

Our Salesforce Integration Consulting team is experienced in helping your business with all types of integrations with Salesforce CRM including:

  • Integrating multiple systems across the organization.
  • Integration of cloud-based and on-premises systems.
  • Integration with complex custom software.
  • Integration of several CRM solutions.

Salesforce ERP Integration

Salesforce CRM integration with ERP truly supports your sales and service teams by extending relevant information from both systems. This enhances efficiency by automating the opportunity to cash cycle.

  • SAP
    • Make new customer information available to finance, accounts, inventory and other business functions through SAP. Synchronize master product lists between SAP and Salesforce and send data for won opportunities from Salesforce to SAP.
  • Oracle ERP Cloud
    • Synchronize customer data entered in one platform with another. Ensure secure accessibility of data across teams. Synchronize account, billing, orders, payments, quote, orders and price books.
  • NetSuite
    • Automate front and back office processes including financial management, revenue management, assets monitoring, order and inventory management. Empower customer support by providing data in real-time.
  • Sage
    • Get access to ERP data, expenses, orders, invoices, and sales history. View customized reports with insights. Create transactions, such as estimates, invoices, and sales receipts into one system. Implement automated workflows without writing code.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
    • Get a unified view of Customers, Sales, and Revenue. Optimize your sales, marketing and other processes- from quote to order, invoices and payment.

Salesforce Accounting Integration

Connecting your Salesforce CRM with an accounting application helps you to share financial data with the sales team and aids them in creating enriched buyer profiles, managing invoices, improving forecasts, and obtaining data-driven insights.

  • Zoho
    • Sync contact data, manage lead flow and automate your sales pipeline in Zoho. Create triggers, events and automatic updates. Sync new & updated data one-way, and perform mass data updates and deletes.
  • QuickBooks
    • Create invoices from Salesforce accounts, opportunities, orders etc. Automate pre-population and data updation of line items Track and update payment status. Support multiple currencies, languages etc.
  • Xero
    • Allow your sales reps to raise Xero invoices in Salesforce & track invoice status. Access accounts payable and receivable, expense claims, assets depreciation, and other reports.

Salesforce Marketing Automation Integration

Integrating your Salesforce CRM with your marketing automation platform can bring tighter collaboration between sales & marketing teams, automate the exchange of data, and sharpen your customer outreach.

  • Marketo
    • Sync and nurture leads, lead scores, trigger automated emails and run targeted email marketing campaigns by integrating Salesforce with Marketo.
  • Hubspot
    • Create Bi-directional sync and enable auto updates from one system to the other. Send lead data such as website activity, email opens, form submissions, and lead scores etc., from HubSpot to Salesforce. Use Salesforce data to personalize email campaigns.
  • Mailchimp
    • Manage Mailchimp subscribers from Salesforce, upload Mailchimp subscribers as Salesforce leads, create segments in your Mailchimp audience, and view campaign activity and reports in Salesforce.
  • Eloqua
    • Integrate customer segmentation, campaigns, and leads in Eloqua with the leads, contacts, and accounts in Salesforce. Synchronize marketing and sales activities with detailed information on web activity, email opens, form submits, and more.

Salesforce Ecommerce Integration

Connecting Salesforce with your eCommerce platform provides 360-degree operational visibility, builds effective customer journeys, runs hyper-personalized campaigns, and creates delightful customer experiences.

  • Magento
    • Enable automatic synchronization of Magento catalog and order data with Salesforce. Capture abandoned carts, quotes, and orders in Salesforce. Create native support for native and custom fields.
  • WordPress
    • Directly sync website visitors, subscribers, leads and other critical data from WordPress to Salesforce. Your website can also display data stored in Salesforce, such as lists of clients or affiliate information, to personalize the user experience.
  • Shopify
    • Build a single platform to manage Shopify and Salesforce data. Sync customer information, leads and accounts etc., from Shopify into Salesforce. Enable order generation from both the platforms. Sync Order and Product data for Inventory management.
  • WooCommerce
    • Synchronize store data with your Salesforce CRM by mapping feeds with Salesforce objects. Automate several tasks including data collection, tracking user behavior, generating reports, etc.

Salesforce Database Integration

Integrating your Salesforce CRM with external databases can help you harness your data more effectively and derive actionable insights and data intelligence around it.

  • Oracle
    • Streamline your Salesforce data with your Oracle database. Create mapping configuration for data migration or synchronization between Oracle and Salesforce.
  • MySQL
    • Integrate your Salesforce and MySQL database, as per your business needs and processes. Migrate and export data from Salesforce and vice versa.
  • Microsoft SQL
    • Aggregate data from internal apps in your Microsoft SQL Server database. Sync contact data, manage deal flow and automate your sales pipeline in Salesforce.
  • Teradata
    • Integrate data from Salesforce and Teradata and centralize all your data for analysis and other usage. Automate your data workflows for decision-making and collaboration across departments.
  • MongoDB
    • Sync customer data, manage deal flow and automate your sales tasks in Salesforce and combine data from all your internal apps in your MongoDB database.

Other Salesforce Integration Services

 Our team is experienced in integrating your Salesforce CRM with other types of applications like Gmail, Outlook, and ZenDesk, etc.

  • Email
    • Integrate Salesforce with Microsoft or Google email and calendar apps. Get access to Salesforce features and create Salesforce records in your email interface. Allow your reps to send emails from Salesforce.
  • Live Chat
    • Create and manage your leads and contacts from chats and archives. Search Salesforce contacts from LiveChat as well as save chat texts as Cases in your Salesforce account.
  • Shipping
    • Streamline your order fulfillment. Automate shipping on Salesforce, provide estimated delivery dates and enable real-time monitoring of deliveries.
  • Shipping
    • Get a 360-degree view of your patients, and offer personalized care experience. Ensure smooth flow of data among care providers for them to intervene effectively. Assign tasks, collaborate, and send secure messages on any device to drive productivity.
  • Collaboration Tools
    • Integrate your Salesforce CRM with various collaboration tools including RingCentral, Zoom, DropBox, DocuSign, Slack, Office 365 and Google Drive etc.

Our Salesforce CRM Integration Process

As an experienced Salesforce Integration Consulting & Services company, we’ve built a best practices-based process to help you integrate your existing software and applications with Salesforce CRM. Our process helps us quickly handle all types of integration challenges and build robust integrated systems for your organization.

Needs Analysis  We conduct a comprehensive needs analysis to understand your business process, systems, and the objectives behind the integration.
Integration We develop an integration strategy based on the need analysis, defining the right integration steps, and then execute it. We also take care of any specific customization required by your company. We may utilize top integration tools like Jitterbit, BizTalk, Boomi, Cast Iron, Pervasive, and TIBCO. Or, we can write custom integrations with API calls.
Data Migration We collect, prepare, and migrate data while ensuring that there’s a seamless data flow between Salesforce CRM and the integrated application.
Post Integration We monitor, test, and review the systems to identify errors. This includes training your team in managing the newly built system. We also offer maintenance & support services to keep your systems at peak performance.

Ready to Start A Project?

Making the move to Salesforce can quickly maximize the efficiency of your team, specific departments, and your entire company. With over 500 Salesforce projects completed over the past decade, AppShark is the ideal partner to help you make the transition, no matter how unique your situation.

Why Companies Choose AppShark for Salesforce Integration?

With experience completing over 500 projects and a 97% client satisfaction rate, AppShark is the right partner for many leading brands and innovation-driven startups seeking support in Salesforce consulting, implementation, or integration projects. Our team of certified Salesforce consultants are focused on meeting project deadlines, budget, and business objectives.

  1. Experienced Salesforce Partner – AppShark is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner with strong authority in Salesforce integration services.
  2. Global Presence – We have a global presence with offices in Dallas, New Jersey, Toronto, and India.
  3. 100+ Consultants – Our Salesforce integration consultants offer wide experience in helping businesses integrate Salesforce with other software and apps seamlessly.
  4. Strong Expertise – Experts in various Salesforce products and industry verticals combined with an experienced resource pool, we offer end-to-end services in Salesforce CRM integration.
  5. Authority – Complete authority in various Salesforce integration types including API, RPA, and Database, etc.

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