Salesforce Integration

AppShark provides comprehensive integration services such as strategy, development, and management to facilitate uninterrupted flow of information from cloud to cloud, premise to premise or from cloud to premise platform.

Salesforce automates business processes by integrating Salesforce applications with third-party ERP applications; application integration provides a unified view of multiple business applications or of new and legacy systems.

Business Use Cases:

  • ERP/Accounting
  • Payment Gateway
  • e-Commerce/Point of Sale (POS)
  • Database (SQL Services, Oracle, etc.)
  • 3rd Party Apps/APIs
  • Legacy/In-House Apps

Depending on the client’s needs we work with integration providers like Jitterbit, BizTalk, Boomi, Cast Iron, Pervasive and TIBCO or write custom integrations with API calls.

Salesforce API Integration

Salesforce Integration is one tough task and many companies have usually refrained from it because of its complexity and the countless man-hours and resources it consumes, Appshark has come up the solutions through which Salesforce Integration is now a seamless and easy task, objectives such as salesforce API Integration which could be done only at the cost of down time can now be done even during production, smart choice of Salesforce Data Integration and its compatibility with the existing system is the key here. Salesforce API Integration is highly popular as it allows more functionality and resistance to bugs also improves the processing speed of requests. with new salesforce API modules coming up frequently it is vital that an organization stays up to date with Salesforce Integration and adopts new methods and updates of the Salesforce technology. Processes such as Salesforce to Salesforce integration are highly depended on salesforce API as these processes are done with Salesforce Integration between two organizations already using Salesforce and Salesforce API modules, Appshark has been making such salesforce Integration methods possible for years together now.

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