Salesforce CRM brings more sales, higher revenue, and increased productivity for your business. Quickbooks help your business better manage payments, quickly generate invoices and receipts, and leverage your accounting data to make informed financial decisions. QuickBooks Salesforce Integration will provide you with full visibility into your processes and, how and where it can be improved. QuickBooks and Salesforce CRM will work together to facilitate data sharing between sales and accounting teams, Connecting Salesforce with QuickBooks accounting software minimizes duplicate data, drives productivity, and provides more insights for decision making and better forecasting.

Why Integrate Salesforce With QuickBooks?


QuickBooks Salesforce Integration helps you in creating the much-needed bridge between these two crucial enterprise systems and helps you to-


Optimize Billing Process

QuickBooks Salesforce Integration allows your sales reps to raise invoices in Salesforce and track their status. This helps your billing process to perform optimally while accelerating payments.


Drive Staff Productivity

The integration will cut the need to enter data in both systems and minimize errors in data. It will also facilitate access to payment information to your staff. And, moreover, your staff doesn’t have to toggle between two systems.


Extract Actionable Insights

QuickBooks Salesforce Integration will help you to get better insights into your customers and processes. This will help you make data-driven decisions and eliminate guesswork.


Closer collaboration 

Integrating Salesforce with QuickBooks will improve collaboration between your Sales and Accounting Teams. They will have access to useful data from across the organizations which will help in the synchronization of their work.


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Salesforce QuickBooks Integration- Key Highlights

While a custom QuickBooks Salesforce Integration can provide several unique capabilities, here are some of the popular task automation that can be enabled by integrating the two systems-


  • Create invoices from Salesforce’s account, opportunities, orders etc.
  • Automate pre-population and data updation of line items
  • Track and update payment status
  • Support for multiple Salesforce orgs
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Integration with other 3rd party systems and apps


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We are a Salesforce Gold Consulting & Product Development Partner with over 100+ certified Salesforce Consultants and Integration experts. Our deep authority in Salesforce products and experience working on hundreds of integration projects perfectly positions us to help you integrate your Salesforce CRM with QuickBooks and customize it to your specific business needs.