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AppShark’s Salesforce Integration Consulting & Services help you unlock the optimal value of your Salesforce CRM implementation and maximize RoI. Salesforce is a powerful CRM platform that brings several key benefits to your organization. Integration of Salesforce with other software and applications like ERPs, Marketing Automation Platforms, and Accounting Packages can help your business to create new capabilities, minimize redundancy, ensure seamless information flow across the organization, and get 360-degree operational visibility. 


Salesforce integration with other software can be complex and challenging as the software is owned by different vendors, built on different codes, and has different workflows. However, the benefits far outweigh the integration challenges. Our Salesforce integration services are geared towards helping you derive maximum benefits while our team smoothly handles the integration challenges. 

Our Salesforce Integration Services

Our Salesforce Integration Consulting team is experienced in helping your business with all types of integration with Salesforce CRM including-


  • Integrating multiple systems across the processes and organization
  • Integration of cloud-based and on-premises systems.
  • Integration with complex custom software
  • Integration of several CRM solutions

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    Salesforce ERP Integration

    Salesforce CRM integration with ERP like SAP, Oracle, SAGE, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can truly enable your sales and service teams by extending relevant information from both systems. This enhances efficiency by automating the opportunity to cash cycle.


    Salesforce Accounting Integration

    Connecting your Salesforce CRM with an accounting application like Zoho, Quickbooks, Xero and more helps you to share financial data with the sales team and help them create enriched buyer profiles, manage invoices, improve forecasts, and get data-driven insights.

    Salesforce Marketing Automation Integration

    Integrating your Salesforce CRM with your marketing automation platform like MailChimp, Marketo, Active Campaign and more can bring tighter collaboration between Sales & Marketing teams, automates the exchange of data, and sharpens your customer outreach.

    Salesforce Ecommerce Integration

    Connecting your Salesforce with your eCommerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify will help you get 360-degree operational visibility, build effective customer journeys, run hyper-personalized campaigns, create delightful customer experiences.

    Salesforce Database Integration

    Integrating your Salesforce CRM with external databases like MYSQL, Teradata, MongoDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL can help you harness your data more effectively and derive actionable insights and data intelligence around it.

    Other Integrations

    Our team is experienced in integrating your Salesforce CRM with other types of applications like Gmail, Outlook, ZenDesk, Shipping Tools, Live Chat, and other Collaboration tools. 

    Patterns To Salesforce Integration


    Salesforce integration patterns can be classified into three categories:


    • Data Integration- It involves the synchronization of data residing in two or more systems so that all integrated systems have all the required data. Data integration is the simplest Salesforce integration to implement. However, data integration with Salesforce CRM requires proper information management techniques like master data management (MDM), data governance, data flow design, and others.  Our Salesforce consultants have built a strong expertise in data integration, over the years, and can help you build a sustainable and cost-effective solution.
    • Process Integration– It is useful in a business process that requires leveraging two or more software or apps. Process integration requires complex design, testing, and exception handling. Building an effective solution using process integration patterns requires a strong understanding of Salesforce as well as other technologies. Our expertise in Salesforce and a range of other new technologies perfectly position us to handle process integration projects easily.
    • Virtual Integration– It is useful when it is required for a user to view, search, and modify data stored in an external software or system. The integration involves calling out to other applications and interacting in real-time with the data. Our team is well-versed with virtual integration and can help you in solving your specific problems.


    Choosing the best Salesforce integration strategy is key to its success. Each integration pattern addresses a specific requirement and is useful in a particular scenario. We will help you identify the best-fit integration pattern and build an integration strategy by understanding your needs, system capabilities, the volume of data, and transactionality, etc.


    Our Salesforce CRM Integration Process


    As an experienced Salesforce Integration Consulting & Services company, we’ve built a best practices-based process to help you in Salesforce CRM integration with your existing software and applications. Our process helps us handle all types of integration challenges in a quick time and build robust integrated systems for your organization.


    Need Analysis

    We conduct a comprehensive need analysis to understand your business process, systems, and the objectives behind the integration.


    We develop an integration strategy based on the need analysis, right integration pattern, and then execute it. We also take care of any specific customization required by your company.

    Data Migration

    Collecting, preparing, and migrating data. Ensuring that there’s a seamless data flow between the Salesforce CRM and the integrated application.

    Post Integration

    Monitoring, Testing, and Reviewing the systems to identify errors. Training your team in managing the newly built system. We also offer maintenance & support services to keep your systems at the peak of performance. 

    Why Choose AppShark As Your Salesforce Integration Partner?


    With experience completing over 500 projects and a 97% client satisfaction rate, AppShark is a partner of choice of leading brands and innovation-driven startups for Salesforce consulting, implementation, or integration projects. Our team of certified Salesforce consultants always put the focus on meeting project deadlines, budget, and business objectives.


    • Experienced Salesforce Partner- AppShark is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner with strong authority in Salesforce integration services. 
    • Global Presence- We have a truly international presence with offices in Dallas, New Jersey, Toronto, and India.
    • 100+ Consultants- Our consultants bring wide experience in helping businesses integrate Salesforce with other software and apps seamlessly.
    • Strong Expertise- With expertise in various Salesforce products and industry verticals combined with an experienced resource pool, we offer end-to-end services in Salesforce CRM integration.
    • Authority- Complete authority in various Salesforce Integration types including API, RPA, and Database, etc.



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