Einstein Analytics: Turn Data into Opportunities and Insights

You have tons of customer data pouring in from internal and external sources. The hard part is turning those numbers into information that tells a story … visually and quickly. Integrated with Salesforce, Einstein Analytics can transform your CRM data into a powerhouse of information. With Einstein Analytics integrated with Salesforce, you’ll gain these valuable insights:

  • Find new opportunities
  • Stop problems before they happen
  • Customize data analysis of business processes

Users will know what happened, why it happened, and what to do about it. If you use Sales Cloud or Service Cloud or Event Monitoring Unit, it will be easy to connect Einstein Analytics as they all integrate with Salesforce.

Make More Informed Decisions with Einstein Analytics

Users won’t need to fiddle with spreadsheets or write complex algorithms when using Einstein Analytics. Much more capable and comprehensive than legacy analytics, Einstein Analytics integrated with Salesforce helps organizations:

  1. Discover opportunities to act on: Data from internal and external sources unite in Einstein’s pre-built apps and dashboards. Upon receiving actionable information, you can assign tasks, close a case, and perform other Salesforce activities.
  2. Take action based on insight: Since Einstein is built-in with Salesforce CRM, you can create a task, share insights, and update information right in Salesforce. It saves you many steps.
  3. Collaborate more effectively: You can embed dashboards and reports to share with employees in other roles to give them the context they need to understand the insight.
  4. Access insights from anywhere at any time: Einstein Analytics is optimized for mobile for easy use and viewing. Users get a snapshot of the numbers that matter to them whenever they need it and can take the next step.

How Can AppShark Help with Einstein Analytics?

AppShark’s Salesforce experts work to understand your business process. After learning about your data and objectives, we’ll deliver an implementation plan that meets your goals and positively impacts revenue. We set up Einstein Analytics to ensure your teams gain valuable knowledge about your customers.  Employees will be able to get the needed information from customized dashboards that relate to their roles. Einstein Analytics offers multiple dashboards for a variety of roles including:

  • Sales reps
  • Sales managers
  • Customer service managers
  • Call center managers
  • Service agents
  • Admins
  • Leaders and managers

Here are examples of roles and the information employees can glean from Einstein Analytics:

  • Sales team gets a single dashboard with:
    • Pipeline changes
    • Lost/won ratio
    • Conversion times
    • Deal values
  • Sales managers see performance and pipeline trends to answer questions like:
    • Did we achieve quota?
    • What’s in the forecast?
    • Are there any changes needed in the forecast?
  • Service managers obtain data about team performance, call-center efficiency, and customer satisfaction (CSAT) in a single dashboard that lets them:
    • View number of open cases and status of each
    • Check for cases needing immediate attention
    • Identify owners of critical cases
    • Determine case assignment needs
  • Leaders and admins can see the usage, security, and compliance related dashboard for all Salesforce apps using Event Monitoring Analytics. You can see various dashboards such as:
    • Login trends per user
    • Downloaded records by different users
    • Usage trends
    • Pages users visit the most
    • Time spent on pages

Implementing your project involves a four-step process to maximize effectiveness and high user adoption:

  1. Configuration: Create permission sets, define user types, and assign permissions.
  2. Integration: Extract, transform, and import internal and external data to build dashboards based on requirements.
  3. Create role-specific dashboards: Set up dashboards to provide insights to end users based on their roles.
  4. Provide training: This is an integral step to high user adoption that ensures Einstein Analytics is successfully implemented across the organization.

The information the sales team needs is different from the information customer support needs. Einstein Analytics has the flexibility to tell the story users need to do their jobs well. No one will be bogged down by manual spreadsheets and confusing, irrelevant reports and dashboards. Contact us now to learn more about Einstein Analytics and how to make it a valuable resource in your organization.

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