Why Salesforce CRM Is Essential In The Age Of Millennial

Published on
February 2, 2016

When I was a kid, if I had a favorite song and I wanted to listen to it – I would turn on the radio and if I was lucky the song would play soon. If I wasn’t so lucky that day, it might take an hour or longer to play. I did not mind that and I presume, neither did you. I was being conditioned to be a patient customer.

Today, kids are connected with a device in their pocket – if they want to hear their favorite song they just push a button and they hear it instantly. Midway through that song – if they want to hear a different song, they just push another button and instantly the song switches according to their whims and fancies. They are being conditioned to be an instant customer.

How is your company positioned to address the demands of today’s customer? Can you respond instantly to their request? Can you provide the type of service that prevents that customer from looking for a better provider? Today’s consumer knows there is a competitor right around the corner (so to speak) just a click away to give them what they need.

I am conditioned in such a way that if I call an 800 number and I am put on hold – I just assume that’s the way this company does business. But for the younger generation – that is an unacceptable way to do business. They expect that Customer Service rep they are speaking to has instant access to their file and can answer any question they have or solve any problem they might bring to their attention instantaneously.

Is your CRM system setup to handle the instant demand generation by customers? Can your sales people access up to date prices, availability of product/services, send emails in batch or individual and keep a record in the appropriate file? Can your Customer Service access a client file and see all communications to resolve issues instantly, can Management get instant access to sales results in any format they desire, can Operations track deliveries and make adjustments on the fly, and will your customer have the positive experience they are looking for so they buy from you again?

The Salesforce CRM is an excellent tool which enables quick and feasible data collaboration among multiple departments like sales, marketing, customer service, social communities, analytics etc., a centralized platform for customer information and interaction, a dashboard of reports and statistical options to review campaigns and operations, and the ability to run on any browser, tablet, desktop, or mobile device. This allows the Salesforce cloud to enable businesses to be run from anywhere and just everywhere.

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