Which Mobile App Is Best For You?

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August 6, 2014
AppShark Mobile App Development

While mobile technology facilitates instant interaction and connectivity, mobile apps have taken the world by storm. Whether it is for gaming, education, online shopping, social media or business purposes, today, there is an app for everything. A sophisticated, state-of-the-art mobile app can completely transform a business. From small and medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies, a large majority of businesses create mobile apps in the AppStore or PlayStore to gain popularity and expand their clientele. Today companies are increasingly exploiting the potential of enterprise mobility and mobile app development plays a crucial role in this. There are three categories of mobile apps and AppShark offers comprehensive mobile app development solutions in all three categories:

Native apps – Native Apps are developed using default OS API such as Android, iOS, and Windows and reside on the respective devices. The apps are specific to the platform they are developed for and are built using development tools and language supported by that platform. They are usually developed using an integrated development environment which requires a high level of expertise. However, despite the difficulty in developing them, when it comes to features, usability and overall experience, native apps are a class above the other two categories. From an end user perspective, native apps offer the best possible experience with mobile apps. Some of the exclusive features offered by native apps are:

  • Multi touch
  • Fast graphics API
  • Fluid animation
  • Built-in components
  • Ease of use

AppShark’s Development

AppShark’s approach starts with effective requirements documentation and a feasible roadmap for the entire life cycle of the app. We incorporate the latest technologies and powerful strategies for integration, maintenance and support of native apps on all major platforms while our agile development methodology and support throughout the life-cycle of the app ensures a good market reach for native apps.

Hybrid apps – Hybrid apps are used as a common software development kit (SDK) for multiple OS. These apps combine the best of native and HTML5 apps since the basic principle is embedding web apps, designed using HTML5 and JavaScript, in a native environment. The most popular API used in the development of hybrid apps is PhoneGap. The two most common ways to implement Hybrid Apps are:

  • Local – In this, a specific API is used to transfer data back and forth between a device and the cloud.
  • Server - The full web application can be implemented from the server.

AppShark’s Development

AppShark uses the popular PhoneGAP API to build Hybrid apps where the base of the development is HTML5.0 and JQuery which are essential for Windows and HTML5.0 Apps. We also offer integration of Salesforce API.

HTML5 mobile web apps – HTML5 mobile web apps are built using the standard technologies - HTML5.0 markup language with JavaScript, CSS - and are stored on the web server. The resulting cross-platform apps work on multiple devices, can be opened with any current mobile browser and are searchable. While HTML5 apps are generally easier to develop and support and are popular in their own rights, some disadvantages are:

  • The look and feel leaves much to be desired
  • Issues with offline storage and security can also affect the overall user experience.

AppShark’s Development

AppShark has extensive experience in implementing HTML5 mobile web development & management programs and in converting legacy apps. Our mobile teams are also experts in converting old legacy apps to current .NET technology and adding HTML5 for enhanced efficiency.

Ultimately the best development approach is defined by the business need of the hour. Mobile app development is constantly evolving; to keep pace, AppShark has a robust mobile development team that is constantly upgrading its skills, tools and technologies. This highly skilled team has gained years of experience in designing and implementing native, hybrid and HTML5 web applications for numerous clients and the resulting apps are designed in a way that can help you realize your organizational goals, speed strategic decision making, accelerate key processes and bett.

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