What You Need to Know About Salesforce Einstein

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October 24, 2017

You may have heard about some or all of these: Salesforce Analytics, Wave Analytics, Analytics Cloud, Salesforce Einstein, and Einstein Analytics. In working with clients, we've come across the same questions about these products, prompting this article. The best place to start is with Salesforce Einstein. Simply put: Salesforce Einstein is artificial intelligence (AI) for customer relationship management. It's embedded in Salesforce Cloud apps.

AI makes things easier for users by providing intelligent search results, personalized recommendations, and automated assistants. Based on a combination of computing power, data, and algorithms, AI is ingrained in the Salesforce Einstein suite of products through features.

Visualize Data to Make Smarter Decisions with Einstein Analytics Cloud

For example, Einstein Analytics Cloud— aka Einstein Analytics and previously called Wave Analytics — itself does not make predictions or do predictive analytics. What it does is create visualizations based on data from multiple sources. The interactive views of data tell a story.

With Einstein Analytics, you'll find hidden insights faster, so you can:

  • Gain sales and service insights from visual data
  • Make smarter decisions based on presented analytics
  • Take action from anywhere on any connected device
  • Share and collaborate on analytics

Users seeking AI that does predictive analytics can find that in Einstein Discovery. It offers insights in mere minutes. These are based on millions of dataset combinations that Einstein Discovery has automatically examined for all potential combinations.

Deliver Personalized Shopping Experiences with Commerce Cloud Einstein

Users receive personalized shopper experiences as Commerce Cloud Einstein recommends products and serves up offers at the right time. Retailers depending on Commerce Cloud Einstein can bring relevant products to the forefront, thus saving customers' time spent searching.

Providing the AI-powered predictive capabilities are:

  • Einstein Product Recommendations: Recommends best products on any channel, even if customer is shopping anonymously.
  • Einstein Commerce Insights: Provides data-driven insights to retailers to improve merchandising and store planning.
  • Einstein Predictive Sort: Personalizes the order that products appear in search and category pages on an ecommerce website.

Communicate and Collaborate with Community Cloud Einstein

What Commerce Cloud Einstein does for retailers, Community Cloud Einstein does for community experiences. Instead of serving up the most relevant products, Community Cloud Einstein presents the most relevant content and experts for customer questions. It helps customers find the answers they need faster.

Finding answers quickly in the community makes customers happier and eases customer support's load. Einstein tracks the most popular pages and posts and learns from community engagement to improve its recommendations.

Salesforce Einstein even automatically creates a case on Service Cloud when it comes across certain words. For example, "broken" can trigger a case escalation. If a question goes unanswered for a set amount of time, Einstein will alert community managers to help the user get answers faster.

Provide Top-Notch Support to Customers with Service Cloud Einstein

Community Cloud Einstein and Service Cloud Einstein sound similar, but they play unique roles. Community Cloud is a community forum that allows the community to talk to each other. Service Cloudsaves time, cuts costs, and boosts productivity in the interactions between the organization and customers.

Service Cloud allows customers to connect with your organization across multiple channels using use any device. The system streamlines workflows and automates service processes to help your organization respond to customers faster and more efficiently.

Deliver Personalized, Relevant Messages with Marketing Cloud Einstein

Marketing Cloud Einstein maps the customer journey to create personalized marketing campaigns and make recommendations based on customer preferences. Marketers will know what content to deliver and when to engage customers based on an analysis of past customer behavior.

Marketing Cloud offers multiple marketing products to help marketers create one-to-one customer journeys across multiple touchpoints, including email with Salesforce Pardot, ads, websites, and mobile. Organizations can pick and choose these unified products that best fit their needs. All roads lead to delivering the right message at the right time on the right channel.

Close More Deals with Sales Cloud Einstein

Your sales team does a lot of things right. They're talented and qualified for the job. They have a strong sales process. They use Salesforce. Yet, they're not hitting their goals as well as they'd like.

Sales Cloud Einstein helps sales reps identify and prioritize the best leads and opportunities. They'll be more productive as they'll know when to engage customers with the right offers. Sales Cloud centralizes customer information and tracks their interactions with your organization. The sales team can spend more time on closing deal and less on administration.

Quote Faster with Salesforce CPQ

Sales Cloud Einstein revolves around sales processes and management. Salesforce Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) is all about quoting, pricing, and billing. Sales teams use Salesforce CPQ to quickly create accurate quotes without dealing with confusing spreadsheets, tedious data entry, and searching for emails.

Automate and Predict Events with Salesforce IoT Einstein

Salesforce Internet of Things makes it possible to seamlessly connect data from devices, websites, interactions, and sensors to contextual data in Salesforce. In short, Salesforce IoT uses high volumes of real-time data to prompt the right action at the right time and create engaging customer experiences.

Add Intelligence Anywhere with Salesforce Platform Einstein

IT and app developers can develop AI-powered apps using Salesforce Platform Einstein with Einstein Vision API or PredictionIO, an open source machine learning server. Developers and data scientists can use this to create predictive engines for machine learning tasks.

Einstein Vision allows developers to incorporate image recognition to incorporate AI in their apps. They’ll be able to build learning models for visual search, brand detection, and object identification.

Developers can use Einstein Sentiment to categorize text from prospects and customers as positive, negative, or neutral. The data will help companies know what action to take. For example, if a customer sends a negative email, the app be designed to alert management and identify the issue as a high priority one.

Platform Einstein Services also includes Einstein Intent and Einstein Object Detection. Intent looks at customer queries to have the system act take the appropriate action. Such an action could be escalating service cases, routing leads, or personalizing marketing campaigns.

Object Detection can analyze images for specific objects and take actions based on its findings. These are just some of the powerful Salesforce Platform Einstein tools available to developers to build apps that help organizations be more effective.

Supercharge Your Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the top CRMs because it offers every tool that an organization needs to succeed. It's not a one-size-fits-all CRM. Organizations can customize Salesforce products in many ways to fit their needs.

Add Einstein's AI and you have the makings for a very powerful CRM that can predict what your customers want and need. Its intelligence will help your sales, marketing, and decision-makers work more effectively and make smarter moves.

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