The Reflex Arc of Customers

Published on
April 13, 2016

The other night I reached on the stove to pull a pot off and place in the sink to wash. I forgot that just a few minutes earlier the pot held boiling water for the pasta we cooked for dinner. Foolishly I grabbed both sides of the large pot – and not by the handles. As soon as my fingers touched the still hot pot – I pulled my hands away. The sensation of pain had not yet registered in my brain. Scientists call that the reflex arc. My nerves sensed the heat which caused my hands to pull back before my brain even registered pain. It was an instantaneous reaction.

Customers these days have a similar “Reflex Arc” when it comes to how they interact with businesses they deal with. They no longer wait for their brain to register “pain” – they pull away as soon as they sense “heat” or more simply put, an ‘inability’ to handle their needs instantly.

Buyers today are extremely motivated to get what they want NOW rather than wait. Businesses trying to adapt to this new customer that are slow to change find themselves playing catch-up in a game they may lose.

We all know that customers that have a bad experience tell 10 of their friends – so the impact of bad customer service is magnified. How capable is your company in handling the needs of today’s buyers? Does everyone that needs to know have access to client information? Can they answer any concern quickly and with the right response?

That all hinges on the CRM you use and how well trained your staff is.

CRM helps improve on an organization’s productivity by strengthening relationships with individuals, be it your customers, leads, users, colleagues and even suppliers. Salesforce rightly suggests that the biggest win for productivity comes from when we think of CRM beyond a sales and marketing tool, rather as something that needs to be embedded right into the centre of your business, from HR to customer services to operations management.

The Salesforce CRM is an excellent tool which enables quick and feasible data collaboration among multiple departments like sales, marketing, customer service, social communities, analytics etc., a centralized platform for customer information and interaction, a dashboard of reports and statistical options to review campaigns and operations, and the ability to run on any browser, tablet, desktop, or mobile device. This allows the Salesforce cloud to enable businesses to be run from anywhere and just everywhere. Along with its myriad of functionalities, what makes Salesforce the best CRM tool is its simplicity to adopt, ability to integrate with just about any other computer system and for being the most credible repository of history for an organization.

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