Role of Salesforce Einstein in Service Cloud

Published on
August 28, 2018

Nowadays all organizations of all sizes are facing new challenges in giving consistent quality services to their customers. Customer service is a crucial part of any organization. Because it is a vital part of a business, organizations are reconsidering their customer commitment systems and technologies and switching to cloud-based solutions like Salesforce Service Cloud. Some of the many attractions are low cost, the capacity to help various channels, instinctive convenience, personalized experience and the adaptability to support change and development over time.

Salesforce Service Cloud will benefit the companies who are in the customer service business by various ways such routing the case to the most appropriate and available agent, suggested solutions to the customers by reducing case resolution times, cuts costs and enabling self‐service, etc. to enhance the customer experience.

If we think about what the ideal customer experience looks like, we all want shorter wait times, more relevant agent to connect with, fast answers to questions and cases and answers even on Sunday nights when usually agents are not available. Here is how Salesforce Einstein plays a significant role.

With the introduction of Salesforce Einstein (Artificial intelligence for CRM) and with Service Cloud Einstein and Einstein Bots- companies of any size will be able to deploy a connected customer service experience that is predictive, automated and intelligent, at any time bringing AI to the forefront of customer service like never before.

There are different types of problems that customer service organizations are faced with:

  • Ages to solve the customer problem: The following are potential  reasons for the delay:
    • The case won’t route to the appropriate service agent.
    • Lack of technical knowledge to fix the bug.
  • Customer switched between  departments: The following may be the reason for such problem:
    • The service agent doesn't know and routes it to another agent who is also not appropriate for such case.
  • Discontinuous and non-reliable services: The following are the probable reasons:
    • Non-working hours/holidays.
    • Non-availability of an appropriately skilled agent.

AppShark gives the Einstein treatment to a hyperlocal online shopping website to improve their customer engagement and services. We have implemented AI embedded Salesforce Einstein viz.; Service Cloud Einstein and Einstein Bots to give valuable insights to their service agents and also enhance the customer experience.

A layer of AI on top of Service Cloud benefit our customer in following ways:

  • With Service Cloud Einstein, our client is using the power of AI to manage the increasing complication of customer service and drive new levels of agent productivity and efficiency. They are able to provide their customers outstanding, omni-channel service experience.
  • Service Cloud Einstein enhances a layer of intelligence on every service interaction, allowing all their service staff to deliver unbelievable customer experiences whether it is the supervisor, agent or mobile operator in the field.
  • Incoming routing of calls by Einstein Bots will allow the customer to reach their agents through seamless escalation and help our customers begin to understand segmentation in its marketplace.
  • Bots are efficient to collect primary data from the customer, allowing service agents to more quickly identify their customer, personalize their communication and understand the nature of the problem.
  • Bots will engage with customers 24/7. They respond during off hours with routine help and provide the knowledge documents to the customer and are also able to schedule a flawless routing of the case to service agent based on their availability.

Figure 1. Benefits of Salesforce Einstein to Online Retailers

Giving Einstein treatment to the e-commerce site is a game-changing process. With all the value added to the marketplace, online retailers not only advance their business process regarding customer service and satisfaction but can also focus on other pressing matters. So, don’t wait, automate your customer service with Service Cloud Einstein and Einstein Bots to get smarter and faster with your business.

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