Proposing Solutions – The AppShark Way!

Published on
March 16, 2015

Isn’t it imperative to build a good business relationship with your client to deliver the best? It is important to understand the industry, organization and their work culture. Go that extra mile to offer solutions that are customized and styled as per your client’s requirements. We at Appshark believe in this unique approach to our clients – experimenting with unique possibilities, 3I0-012 pdf devising solutions and solving challenges.

Today, we bring to you a situation where a client had requested changes in the Managed services package after creating a specialized patch org. This caused us to make several changes in the patch Org which resulted in the non-synchronization of our main Org and patch Org. Therefore, the client requested a new Visualforce page report but the problem that arose was a new component could not be added in a patch release.

Proposed solutions: We came up with 2 solutions to ensure that the client’s request was put into action:

  1. An easy and hassle free solution was to perform custom development of the report in the customer's sandbox where the package is installed and then move the code to production.
  2. Alternatively, the other Dell XPS Duo 12 9Q23 AC Adapter solution was to take another Partner DE org, install the patch in that Org and perform development in that particular org. After releasing that as a new package extension, it would be available for installation on other customer orgs as well

Implementation: Our client opted for the second solution – Hence we created a partener DE Org and installed the existing package in that Org and developed the new report their itself. We released the new report as a new package but encountered another error i.e. "Report was not accessible from one managed package to another managed package".

Conclusion: This report worked in the partner Org as it was developed there but ceased to work on installation of both the packages in another Org. Hence,070-463 pdf we searched the VF page (report) with its name in the Org and and pulled out the namespace prefix. We were able to acces the report along with the namespace from managed package.

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