OpenSMS: Send Individual or Bulk SMS From Salesforce

Published on
July 1, 2014

With companies choosing the enterprise mobility route for expanding their businesses, it is safe to say that instant messaging is the most practical way to connect and network with clients, prospects and even employees. Whether it is to advertise a new product/service, launch a campaign, send alerts and information titbits, or just connect with company stakeholders, instant contact is now just an SMS away.

OpenSMS by AppShark is a unique enterprise messaging service which allows you to connect with leads, customers and contacts by sending single or bulk SMS from any Salesforce or application. Whether you want to interact or share business information, with the OpenSMS application, you can:

  • Send text messages from Lead, Contact, Task and Event tabs
  • Track messages with comprehensive reports and dashboards that display message success rates
  • Send bulk SMS as well as individual ones
  • Receive notifications when a task is created by another person in your organization
  • Receive text alerts and appointment reminders

Though the application itself is free, the user has to have an account with an SMS gateway provider. The application can be configured to any major SMS gateway, provided the gateway offers an HTTP API, which most major providers do. This makes it easier for the user to select a gateway based on the provider and pricing.

AppShark also offers you the option to integrate and/or customize OpenSMS to suit your company’s business objectives.

For more information on OpenSMS, please visit our OpenSMS app.

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