Integrating Sage 50 With Salesforce

Published on
December 11, 2014

The UK, Canada and US based Sage 50 is an on-premise accounting software best known for its simplified accounting, payroll, invoicing and credit card processing. This software can also be integrated with third-party applications like Salesforce to automate the accounting process.

For Salesforce users who also use Sage 50, the two can be integrated in a way that the Integration between Salesforce and Sage 50:

  • provides control over the transmission of sensitive accounting information
  • offers secured data synchronization
  • minimizes the risk of human errors caused by manual data entry

But such integration requires expertise and high-end technology. At AppShark we provide such comprehensive and customized integration services and when one of our clients requested us to integrate their existing Sage 50 software with Salesforce, we were happy to do so.

After a detailed analysis and extensive requirements gathering, the AppShark team successfully integrated the on-premise Sage 50 accounting system with Salesforce via a .NET connector where the messaging mechanism used during the integration was Representational state transfer (REST) API. A scheduler was also set up to check for updates at defined intervals.

The final solution provided the client a simple synchronization between Salesforce and Sage 50 which enhanced their business process while keeping their costs down.

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