Integrating A Computer-Telephony System With Salesforce

Published on
October 6, 2014

Even a few years back, computer telephony systems, where people use computers to initiate and manage calls on IP phones, were more common in call centers and customer service help desks. Today, an increasing number of businesses are leveraging it for end-to-end customer relationship management to promote their business, generate leads and close deals. Whether it is a computerized system that directs your call to the right department or a situation where a number of people have to listen to a single call, CT applications have gained immense popularity in recent years.

At AppShark, we provide complete computer telephony integration services where we integrate IP telephones with Salesforce using either the adapters available on AppExchange or by configuring the browser adapter that comes with the hardware. We also custom develop an adapter or customize the CTI to suit specific business needs.

One of our clients, a partner that provides cloud-based business solutions and services for small and medium businesses, wanted AppShark to integrate 30 IP telephones with Salesforce in a way that users could directly call from Salesforce or, if logged into Salesforce, they could view/receive calls from the IP telephones via Salesforce. The client was using:

IP telephones – the actual phones specially developed for use in CTI

Avaya adapter – creates the connection between the phones and the computer.

After a successful integration where the IP telephones were directly integrated with Salesforce using Avaya adapter, users, when logged into Salesforce could receive or directly place a call from Salesforce through the IP telephone via a phone icon displayed on their screen.

Post-integration, when the call came to the phone, the application on the computer checked the number and displayed the account or contact on Salesforce (depending on the settings). The user no longer had to search for the account id or other information; and could also save and access any call, recorded on the phones from the Salesforce account.

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