Integrate Your Payment Gateway With Salesforce

Published on
September 18, 2014

No matter what your business is, if you are selling your products on the market, it is imperative to configure a proper payment gateway to facilitate the selling and invoicing processes.

We, at AppShark, can help you integrate your Salesforce system with all leading payment gateway providers as we have worked with some of the best payment gateways in USA, UK and UAE such as:

  • Payleap
  • Firstdata
  • Etisalat
  • WorldPay
  • Authorize.Net

In the course of the several integration projects we have executed, our teams have worked on both Native Integration (Payleap and WorldPay) where the payment gateway is directly integrated with Salesforce via Representational state transfer (REST) API or Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) API and uses a stub to call Webservices; and Non-native Integration (Firstdata, Etisalat, Authorize.Net) where the integration is done with the help of a connector – DLL (dynamic-link library) usually .NET or JAR (Java Archive). Since the data is highly sensitive, we ensure the most stringent security protocols for card, credential and financial data security. We also maintain complete compliance with PCI Security Council standards. The final integrated solutions support Visa, MasterCard and Merchant POS swiping machines for different types of transaction such as Authorization, Selling, Refund and Recurring Sales. Some of our most successful integrations were for the following clients:

  • A global Telecom IT Services Provider and Software Development Company headquartered in London UK with Global offices in USA and India.
  • An optical/eyewear provider located in Texas, USA
  • A leading Educational Institution in UAE
  • A website/service optimization provider located in the United Kingdom

Thus, whether it is the retail, telecom, media, educational, hospitality or IT sector, at AppShark, we have the necessary tools and expertise to plan, implement and deploy a successful integration that will go a long way in simplifying and streamlining your selling, purchasing and invoicing process.

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