How to Boost Your Message Open Rate Using This Salesforce Lightning Tool

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July 12, 2017

You can boost customer engagement and grow sales using Salesforce Lightning by adding a simple feature: SMS. How many times have you deleted an email without reading it? What about an SMS message? Text messages have a whopping 98% open rate. The open rate for email is only 20%.

Another important statistic worth noting is that the faster a company responds to a sales inquiry, the greater the chance they'll land the client. research reports that a lead becoming qualified goes up by 21 times when sales responds within five minutes versus a response that takes 30 minutes.

Open SMS Pro text messaging for Salesforce helps the sales and customer support teams respond faster, which can positively affect the sale and the customer experience. Customers are happier when they get quicker responses. Happy customers means more sales and referrals.

Yes, Open SMS Pro is Salesforce Lightning Ready.

What Are the Benefits of Using Open SMS Pro with Salesforce?

Open SMS Pro can do much more than allow companies to quickly communicate with prospects and customers. Marketing and sales can send bulk SMS messages, which are far more likely to be opened compared to emails.

Employees won't have to worry about giving out their personal cell phone numbers. An organization can get a single number from a gateway provider and use that phone number when sending messages.

A Salesforce user can chat with a customer or a prospect. Customers and prospects don't need a special app for this to happen – just a cell phone with SMS. Open SMS Pro keeps a history of the two-way conversation for later recall, follow-up, and discussion.

Open SMS Pro handles more than 3 million messages a month sent by organizations in Europe, North America, Africa, and Australia. Open SMS Pro users report an increase in customer communications, relationship building, clients, and response rates. They also get a faster ROI.

What's New with Lightning Ready Open SMS Pro?

The interface of the new version matches the Lightning user interface. This ensures a more consistent experience in using Salesforce Lightning.

Benefits of Open SMS Pro for Lightning:

  • Send at the best time: Schedule text messages to go out at a later date and time with Scheduling SMS — Date-Based Scheduling.
  • Overcome Salesforce message limitation: Salesforce has a limitation that only allows you to send 200 messages at once. Open SMS can run batch jobs sending 200 messages every 5 minutes.
  • Automate SMS messaging: The app now works with Lightning Process Builder to automate the business process for sending text messages.
  • Configure gateway effortlessly: Pre-defined prompts make it effortless to configure the gateway and creates a more seamless experience.
  • Spend less time navigating: The interface makes it easier to navigate with tabs. Sending single or bulk messages or starting a chat have been combined into one page.

Open SMS Pro users have requested customizations to extend the app for their needs. Organizations can make a feature request and the technical support team will make it happen. Sometimes these features show up in a future release.

If you'd like to view screen shots, read reviews, and take Open SMS Pro for a test drive, please visit the Open SMS Pro AppExchange page.

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