How Secure Is Your Salesforce CRM Instance?

Published on
March 10, 2015

The emergence of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems has been considered to be a major phenomenon in the technology arena. With the sharing of information enabled globally via CRM, it has also helped boost sales through constant interaction, reduced time on administrative tasks besides offering cloud based data storage.

For cloud based solution providers, security continues to be a major concern as hacking and data breaches are increasing at an alarming rate. With the emergence of new technologies, it becomes imperative to update security policies and evolve according to the changing landscape.

It is essential for all companies using Salesforce to understand the importance of security which can be reinforced through AppShark SECURO – an audit program for Salesforce. AppShark’s SECURO is a security audit program designed specially to perform a comprehensive review and analysis of user, data and security parameters of your Salesforce system.

AppShark’s SECURO program offers the following benefits:

  • Ensuring data sharing being limited to users
  • Checking whether the Salesforce apex code follows best practices
  • Expert guidance to developers on writing quality code
  • Ensuring integrations with external systems integrate required data
  • ‘Continuous Review’ service on regular basis to scan and address issues & loopholes

We provide you a comprehensive audit report including Summary of issues as per code review tools as well as solutions for the issues. In addition, you will also get a detailed game plan with recommendations to fix issues as per the audit report.

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