Customized Lead Conversion for Salesforce

Published on
July 28, 2014

When a company that successfully transforms its leads to customers, it results in growth and revenue generation. But converting each and every lead manually can be a tedious process. Salesforce standardized the process through their Lead Conversion application which automates the conversion – the object “Leads” stores relevant information such as contact details of potential customers. While the standard Salesforce Lead Conversion application has definitely made life easier by allowing the user to automatically convert a lead into Account, Contact and Opportunity, the app has certain limitations:

  • Limited conversion of Leads into Account, Contact and Opportunity
  • Limited field mapping
  • Leads have to be converted individually

These limitations gave us food for thought. We wanted to custom enhance the app and came up with AppShark’s customized Lead Conversion package which offers the user an option to convert Leads into any custom object apart from the existing standard objects - Account, Contact and Opportunity.

Out customized package offers the following unique features to improve your lead conversion experience:

  • A lead can be converted into any custom object apart from the 3 standard objects
  • Field mapping can be done by choosing any field from a Lead of with a similar type of data
  • Multiple conversion of leads via bulk conversion
  • Existing records of the custom object can be updated with lead information

Out of these, the most interesting feature is ‘Bulk Conversion’ whereby 250 leads can be converted at the same time (thereafter, it can be run multiple times to convert more records). This means that the user no longer has to painstakingly convert each individual lead. In retrospect, AppShark’s customized Lead Conversion package saves you both time and effort so that you can focus on the important task of acquiring new customers.

For more information on Lead Conversion, please visit our Lead Conversion package.

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