Catering Management Software

Catering Industry in the USA is poised to hit $ 11.7 Bn for the year 2020. With a growth rate of 3.8% from 2015 to 2020 and considered a bigger industry than Accommodation and Food sector, It is safe to assume that the Catering Industry is here to stay. 

But with such dynamic growth rates and high stakes comes a unique set of challenges, this is where having a Custom Catering Management Software comes into play. 

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Challenges of Catering Industry


1.Food Wastage

According to a report by Huffingtonpost more than 50% of food wastage can be reduced with proper management. The onus for this lies both on the consumer and the caterer. 



The bigger the event, the bigger the challenge for organizing. Forgetting cutlery, missing side dishes or worse forgetting a main ingredient is a disaster in the catering domain. This is why organization for events is a major challenge. 


3.Customer Service

This is where lies the key to make or break a Catering business. Everything depends on the customer relationship building which is tied back to how well you service their request and make their occasion a memorable one. A bad rep is a real NO for caterers. 


4.High Employee Turnover 

Catering business gives people the chance to work in a fast paced world and meet new people, but on the downside the long working hours are a real downer. Bad planning and management leads to long employee work hours and facing critical customer, result- high employee attrition. 


The above observed challenges are just some of the main points in a long list of high stakes. Now lets us analyze the main question


Why does your business need a Catering Management Software? 


1.Quick Order Turnaround Time 

Having a Catering Management Solution in place helps management in taking decisions quicker. By providing a single point of view for order details, delivery instructions and other standing instructions to important stakeholders the catering management tool helps in increasing order turnaround time. 


2.Improved Communication 

Once an order is raised this management tool helps in creating custom alerts and notifications right from the customer, sales team, Kitchen staff and delivery team. 

This helps in maintaining a transparent flow of communication right till the order is delivered. Having a catering management software even helps the customer service team serve the clients better improving the brand image. 


3.Ease of Scheduling and Planning 

A Catering Management Software helps businesses streamline their orders even during peak time by giving access to a traditional tabular calendar view. Having a 360 degree view of upcoming events, calls and reminders  helps caterers schedule and plan their tasks and event deliveries better. 


4.Discount Management/ Tier Pricing 

Catering Management Software helps businesses give Discounted/Tier price to various customers based on custom parameters such as customer history, order size, time of the month or location. This solution even helps automate the most critical yet mundane tasks such as tax calculations based on the customer location. 

Apart from the above mentioned points, having a catering management tools helps your business take care of critical points such as 

  • Employee management
  • Ease of making preparation sheet 
  • Advanced reporting and analytics 


Get the AppShark Advantage 


AppShark Catering Bolt Solution is a Salesforce powered exclusive Catering management software developed for businesses that specialize in customized delivery and catering. AppSharks Catering management solution aids in end to end back office operations management in a cloud environment. Operations such as case management, sales team & lead/prospect management & food delivery management across all channels of sale including online mobile and phone can be managed with this custom application. AppShark Catering Bolt solution can be customized to accommodate specific online payment gateways, marketing tools, reports and helps generate store wise delivery calendar, which helps the catering staff for quick on-time delivery.

AppShark is a Salesforce Gold consulting partner and has completed over 500 projects on consultation and implementation of the Salesforce CRM suite of products across different verticals. Our custom applications have been rated the highest in the Salesforce App exchange with a staggering 97% client satisfaction rate.