AppShark at the Salesforce1 World Tour, Dallas

Published on
July 14, 2014

The recent Salesforce 1 World Tour held at The Fairmont, Dallas on June 18, saw some of the best minds in Salesforce come together for a day-long session on the all new Salesforce1 platform.Salesforce experts, partners and customers convened to showcase innovative Salesforce solutions which leverage the power of Salesforce1 to change the way businesses interact with their customers.AppShark was privileged to be a part of this event as co-sponsors. The event provided an ideal opportunity for AppShark and the rest of the Salesforce community to network and interact.Apart from a lively and inspirational keynote address by Lynn Vojvodich, CMO, the event was addressed by special Salesforce executives who gave live demonstrations on the latest technologies and narrated inspiring customer stories to show how Salesforce1 is changing the concept of sales and customer interaction.The main theme of the Tour ran along the line of sales performance and customer service improvement to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and ROI. The event was a great success and AppShark is proud to have been an integral part of it.

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