AppShark at Dreamforce'14: Which Session To Attend?

Published on
October 1, 2014

Welcome to second part of our AppShark at Dreamforce’14 blog series. Last year AppShark had a wonderful time attending all the great sessions and meeting new people, so this year we decided to add more sessions to our agenda. While it is not possible to attend all the sessions (no matter how much we may want to!), we decided to take full advantage of and enjoy some of the special ones we have decided to attend during the four-day conference.

With over 1400 sessions already listed and more on the way, this year the expectation is set pretty high! This year’s categorization too, is more detailed, with Role and Industries being added to the list of categories. Apart from the usual Product and Theme based categorization, in DF’14, one can also choose to attend Role-based sessions (for Administrator, Consultant, Executive, IT, HR, Marketing Professional, Sales, Operations, Partner/ISV etc) or Industry-based sessions (for the Financial Services, Communications, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Media, Non-Profit etc industries).

Taking advantage of the new categorization, we too have prepared our schedule in a way so as not to miss out on any important session specially those relevant to our field of expertise. As a Salesforce Registered Partner, we specially expect to attend the Product sessions and keynotes including those on AppExchange,, Salesforce1 Mobile and whatever else we can squeeze into our schedule! Some of the sessions we definitely don’t want to miss include:

  • AppExchange Partner Keynote
  • An ISVs Guide to Building Creative Apps
  • The ' APP Academy' sessions
  • Going Wall to Wall on the Salesforce1 Platform
  • Starting a Successful ISV Business with
  • Best Practices for Secure Mobile Development
  • Overview: All of the Services You Need to Build Apps Fast
  • Getting Started with the Toolkit for .NET
  • Salesforce Integrations: Strategies, Best Practices, and Patterns
  • Team Development on
  • Implementing Salesforce: A Customer Perspective

So look out for AppShark at Dreamforce’14 and if you see us there, don’t forget to come and say ‘hi.’ We look forward to seeing some of you there!

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