AppShark at Dreamforce'14: Session Theme 'Salesforce Integrations'

Published on
October 9, 2014

October is finally here and with Dreamforce’14 just around the corner, all the anticipation and excitement that building up around the world is set to come together in what seems likely to be an explosive event this year. At AppShark, our preparations and enthusiasm are running side by side as we eagerly await the biggest tech conference of the year!

This past year since DF’13 has been very good for us, in terms of new and ongoing Salesforce projects. Our Salesforce development team has been busy developing several innovative and thought provoking solutions, most of them centered around this year’s theme of Salesforce integration.Some of our most recent integration projects include:

ERP integration with Salesforce

Accounting systems integration with Salesforce

Credit Bureau integration with Salesforce

Payment Gateway integration with Salesforce

CTI integration (Computer-Telephony) with Salesforce

Social Media integration with Salesforce

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