AppShark And Nexmo Enhance Salesforce Messaging

Published on
April 20, 2016

We, at AppShark are proud to announce our recently concluded partnership with Nexmo, the global cloud communications platform leader providing innovative communication APIs and SDKs for voice, text, and messaging and phone verification services. This will enable us to bring Nexmo’s SMS capabilities to Salesforce through our product, Open SMS Pro. OpenSMS Pro customers can now have their messages powered by Nexmo’s global cloud communications platform, resulting in superior message delivery rates and greater global reach than before.

APIs have ushered a significant improvement in the way businesses communicate with customers. New channels like SMS and voice add speed, ubiquity and better-read rates - for example, SMS has a read rate of 90 percent in the first 3 minutes. SMS allows people to communicate anytime, anywhere, resulting in improved customer experience. Simultaneously, APIs have become the preferred way to implement software due to their ease of use and customization, allowing businesses to become incredibly agile and deploy new capabilities and services faster than ever.

Open SMS Pro was conceptualised keeping in mind Salesforce’s limitation of not having an in-built text feature. Srinivas Gaddam, our CEO at AppShark, had previously blogged about the core advantages of implementing SMS/Texting in Business. Not only can a business improve Customer Engagement, but also provide a real time interaction platform, bridging the gap between customers and businesses. SMS’s have rapidly grown to become the preferred medium for a VOC survey, enabling businesses to ‘hear’ from customers and act on solving problems accordingly.

Open SMS Pro is a very simple and quick way to manage your relationship with leads and contacts.

Using Open SMS Pro, you can:

  • Send single or bulk messages to Leads or Contacts
  • Receive incoming messages into Salesforce
  • Send SMS Campaigns from Salesforce using the Campaign object
  • Create and Track Activities on Contacts or Leads for all SMS interactions
  • Send SMS messages from Workflows
  • Get Comprehensive analysis on SMS activity through comprehensive reports and dashboards
  • Send quick messages from predefined templates
  • Use The Open APIs to embed SMS features into your applications
  • Chat with leads or contacts directly from Salesforce
  • You can configure the default gateway or setup your preferred gateway

We’re excited to partner with AppShark and empower its customers with one of the most powerful global cloud communications platform,” said Sassan Saedi, Head of Channels and Partnerships at Nexmo. “The standard for business critical communications requires swift and ubiquitous engagement, and SMS has become one of the quickest and most reliable ways for marketers and CRM professionals to service their customers.”

Our partnership with Nexmo will empower Salesforce users with SMS capabilities they currently do not have,” said Tom Jodis, SVP - Enterprise Sales at AppShark. “With such an incredible tool, they can profoundly increase their level of customer engagement and gain a competitive edge. This partnership also brings one of the strongest SMS providers to the Salesforce platform”, adds Srinivas.

With this partnership, Salesforce users worldwide now have access to Nexmo’s SMS services from within Salesforce, without the need for custom integration.

To download Open SMS Pro, visit the AppShark Open SMS Pro page on App Exchange.

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