Account Hierarchy Is A Big Hit!

Published on
July 21, 2014

When we launched the customized Account Hierarchy package for Salesforce, we had no idea it would receive such an overwhelming response from the Salesforce community. Within a few weeks of listing the package, we hit the 200 download/install mark. The package is currently rated 4.7 out of 5 on the AppExchange with positive reviews. Here is what some of our reviewers have said about our customized Account Hierarchy package: Great App Provides a complete view of the account hierarchy, more complete than the standard hierarchy account in Salesforce. Real added value for business team. Easy installation and highly responsive support.

- Reda Bouayadi

Excellent package with real value for business! Fast & efficient support from AppShark! We installed the package to give a complete and business oriented view of the account hierarchy. You can add custom columns to the hierarchy tree like rollup summary fields, color indicators (i.e. red flag in front of client with unpaid invoices). The sales team simply loves it; they can see key indicators from the account page for all the accounts of the hierarchy it belongs to.

- Magali Doare

Click and Install The standard account hierarchy page does not allow you to change the layout, but we had a requirement to do so. Instead of creating a VF page and 50+ lines of apex code I installed this app, and three minutes later was able to demo it then roll it out. Apps like this make SFDC a great system.

- Robert Drain

Great app - works exactly as advertised! I am no developer and tried to come up with my own VF page to insert into accounts to deliver exactly this and I was happy when I searched for account hierarchy apps and this new one came up! The instructions were simple to follow and it does exactly what it says it will. Easy to format and customer service was fantastic.

- Melina Maroni

Our Account Hierarchy package was developed to resolve the challenges faced by enterprises in connecting with their subsidiaries, branches, partners and even employees. While Salesforce’s Account Hierarchy displays the hierarchical levels in a company, we wanted to develop a solution that would go beyond the standard solution and allow the user to not only view but also customize and edit the main interface to show company-specific information. Following the enthusiastic reception for our package, we have started working on exciting new features and enhancements which are set to debut soon. Keep an eye out for the upgraded Account Hierarchy package and for more information on our latest products and packages, please visit our Products page.

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