A Note From Our Partner - Team Software

Published on
August 12, 2014

A successful business partnership is the direct result of a healthy and productive working relationship between two organizations that have joined hands to achieve certain common goals. TEAM Software, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and AppShark, a leading provider of Salesforce, Custom development, Mobile and Cloud solutions are one such example of business partners who started their partnership when TEAM was beginning its mobile development practice and decided to outsource its engagements to AppShark which already had an established mobile app development practice.

The two organizations have collaborated on numerous successful offshore/onshore engagements, the most prominent one being the one where TEAM leveraged AppShark’s ISV development model to develop an iOS and Android compatible mobile application for their web-based employee self-service portal called eHub.

As an exercise in mutual collaboration, the outsourced engagements are jointly overseen by Jesse Kreitzman, TEAM Software Sr. Project Manager/Business Analyst and Sekhar Kalakota, Delivery Manager at AppShark Software Pvt Ltd. A statement by Jesse Kreitzman says it all: “When TEAM made a strategic decision to invest additional resources in the practice and shift resources to these teams, we ultimately decided to spin-up a practice in-house. Our in-house and outsourced Project Managers and Contract Managers had open and honest discussions about the decision and reasoning behind it, reaching an understanding that ultimately allowed us to retain a relationship we can leverage for future needs, while ensuring our team members transitioned to their new roles in a positive way. It’s that level of honesty that’s allowed us to provide cross-guidance and industry insight even after a change to our engagement.”

The active partnership between TEAM and AppShark has gone a long way in ensuring progress and enhanced business for both organizations even as they continue to work closely on upcoming engagements. To know more about our joint engagement.

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