Over the years, AppShark helped hundreds of businesses leverage Salesforce and other advanced platforms and technologies to solve their complex business challenges. AppShark Talks is a Salesforce webinar series which delves into Salesforce product offerings, real case scenarios based on our experience, latest happenings in the Salesforce ecosystem and how these changes impact businesses in real time. 

How Salesforce CPQ can enhance and realign your Business?

AppShark Talks_How CPQ is good for your business?

Salesforce CPQ is a tool that helps in streamlining your quotation process, support sales teams, reduce negotiation cycle and generate revenue. In our Webinar hosted by Avril Payne- Marketing Specialist, AppShark, we dig deep and talk about the advanced features of Salesforce CPQ and How AppShark utilized these to meet industry specific requirements of our clients.  Watch our Webinar.




What Can AppShark QuickBooks Salesforce Connect do for your business? 

QB SF Integration Webinar

AppShark’s Connect is an integration between QuickBooks Salesforce two of the most formidable platforms. By creating a sync for critical points such as Contacts, Invoices, Opportunities, Receipts and Credit Memos our product creates collaboration between your Sales and Accounting Teams. In our Webinar Avril Payne- Marketing Specialist, AppShark talks about the real time product benefits of AppShark QuickBooks Salesforce Connect.

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