Allocate up to 40 hours of expert help to configure the following activities

  • Setup
    Configure Reply Mail Management Set up SAP Package Assist in domain/ subdomain delegation process Set up SSL Certificates
  • Email Studio
    Configure dynamic content block to display rule-based criteria in email sends Image carousel block Build email templates (header, CAN-SPAM compliant footer, images, body) Conduct A/B Testing (subject line, content, send time) Enhance personalization using AMPscript and personalization strings for effective email communication Create publication lists Organize data into data extensions (standard, filtered, random) Generate data filters for the subsequent filtered data extension (can also be automated) Draw up measures for data filtering Set up interactive email forms for subscriber data collection, reviews, and case creation
  • Mobile Studio
    Write SQL Query to add SMS opted-in contacts from Salesforce Create a Salesforce account for Mobile Opt-ins by Keyword Produce outbound message templates Generate Text Response templates Design Mobile Opt-in Campaigns Develop surveys, request and capture customer information
  • Cloud Pages
    Build “Contact Us” form for websites or on landing pages Develop a custom Profile and Preference Center with Salesforce data integration Configure customized forms to suit the client’s business needs Create a Microsite Set up Smart Capture forms for email sends Configure Smart Capture form to be used as Journey Builder data entry
  • Ad Studio
    Build Advertising Audience Create advertising campaign Connect Facebook advertising leads with Marketing Cloud data extensions using Lead Capture Create ad campaigns via Journey Builder
  • Automation Studio
    Query Data View tables for various metrics (clicks, opens, bounces) Write SQL Queries to combine data from multiple Salesforce Data Extensions into one Data Extension Automate data extension filtering based on Data Filter criteria
  • Journey Builder
    Swift trade show collected information through a welcome journey Implement Smart Capture form entries in welcome and multi-channel journeys (email and SMS) Configure a journey that pulls data directly from Salesforce objects Use Smart Capture form entry to create a new lead in Salesforce and target it with a series of email sends Create an abandoned cart journey with behavioral triggers Set up a birthday coupon journey
  • Contact Builder
    Configure Marketing Cloud Connect to link Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Create triggered send from Salesforce through Marketing Cloud Connect Establish Attribute Group Data Extension linking Synchronize additional Salesforce fields via Data Sources
  • Analytics Studio
    Generate Email Deliverability Report- Daily report Build and extract Email Interaction Report- Weekly Report

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